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Safety Signs Play an Important Role

February 9, 2017

Signage is an easy way to communicate a specific message. With safety signs, you alert people on what to watch out for. If there is specific hazard, safety signs inform others of safe practices or to lets them know to be on the alert.

OSHA Standards

Occupational Safety and Health Administration aims at setting standards for businesses to follow and keep employees safe. The use of safety signs is in accordance to the standards of OSHA as it helps prevent accidents from happening.

Designing Your Sign

Creating a sign that sends out a warning or caution will need to consist of bold colors, such as yellow or red, that are difficult to overlook. Use a bold font that demands attention, while adding a picture that shows the hazard. (i.e., flames or a fire to indicate flammable items)

Safety is a part of your every day life and signs are just as important. With Zumar Industries you can get organized and well made signs in accordance to your needs. Zumar can help create the ideal sign that will provide safety to your employees and clients. Zumar Industries has been in business since 1947 and continues to deliver high quality signage for every safety need. For more information on how fast you can get a sign made within your budget, contact Zumar today.

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