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Safety Signage Costs Little and Saves a Lot

February 7, 2017

What kind of construction zone activity costs pennies to maintain, but can cost millions of project dollars lost to non-construction charges if not handled properly?


Very little ends up costing more money on construction than workers compensation and related litigation for injuries that could have been prevented with proper safety measures and protocols. One of the biggest safety tools available that costs very little to implement is signage.

It doesn’t matter what language is necessary for the site, construction zone safety signage can be put together and crafted easily with universal symbols that everyone understands and can readily interpret. When it comes to site safety, awareness is a big issue. Especially with regular and daily movement of heavy equipment and large materials. Most injuries happen almost instantly, moving something big, something falling, or someone falling. Signage in appropriate places can alert workers to pay attention to their surroundings via reminders. Even when their minds are on the given task in front of them, the immediate visibility of safety signage can trigger the reminder to follow safety protocols to avoid getting hurt.

Safety signage in the construction zone is also critical for escape and exiting. Most people in an emergency follow the same path they entered when in a place they are not familiar with. Signage can make it clear where to go for safety when one has to get out quickly and can’t think about all the possibilities. This can avoid injury and save lives. Clear exit paths and points of safety matter and cost little to implement.

Zumar’s construction zone signage can address all the above and more. Their team is well-versed in the construction industry’s needs and how to best produce the right safety signage for the job site. Contact them for more information today.

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