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Reflective Traffic Signage For Increased Safety

January 22, 2016

Reflective sheeting

In order to make signs more conspicuous during times of low visibility, engineers use reflective sheeting to increase the sign’s retroreflectivity. Retroreflectivity is a term used to define the amount of light being reflected back to the viewer’s eyes—making a sign visible. At night, highly retroreflective (reflective) sheeting helps make traffic signs not only more conspicuous, but also quicker to understand. This keeps driver’s eyes on the roads instead of straining to read a sign.

As such, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires you to install traffic signs that use varying grades of reflective sheeting for all signs displayed on roads open to public use on your property. All traffic signs need to fulfill certain size, reflectivity, mounting height, and design requirements specified by the FHWA for safety.

Zumar traffic signs. Ensuring correct signage is installed on public and private roads is essential to motorist and pedestrian safety. Should an accident occur on your property with traffic signage that does not meet federal standards, owners can be held responsible. At Zumar, you can expect high-quality traffic signs that fulfill all federal and state requirements, regulations, and specifications. Our staff stays up-to-date with all compliance standards for signs contained in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. To meet the reflective specifications your sign requires, Zumar offers engineer grade, diamond grade, and high-intensity prismatic grades of reflective sheeting.

Beyond signs and reflectivity. Zumar provides a variety of products and services to make sure all of your signs are conspicuous for road users on your property. Since 1947, we have provided top quality road sign products and services for our customers. We use proven paints for painting tasks to enhance viewer experience, messaging, and branded signs. Depending on your project needs, we may recommend digital or screen printing services to accompany the reflective sheeting.

Custom signage. Moreover, Zumar provides custom welding and fabricating services for your road signs while paying great attention to the details of your specifications. Our high level of expertise and equipment will meet all your custom routing needs for personal and professional routed signs as well as stencils. Precision is necessary for your road signs to increase safety on your roads and driveways.

Traffic solutions from Zumar Industries. If you own property and are looking for clear, professional signage contact Zumar today. Consider using Vis-Z-Shield® to incorporate more reflectivity into all your sign installations. This low-cost safety device adds three-sided reflectivity to your sign posts enabling drivers to see your traffic related instructions from multiple angles.

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