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Reducing Accidents with Road Construction Signs

April 5, 2018

You can make your road work environment safer by alerting drivers with road construction signs whenever workers may affect or be affected by traffic. Orange diamond-shaped signs are commonly used as construction warning signs, which are usually portable so they can be used for projects in other locations.

Types of Road Construction Signs

There are many different possibilities for road constructions signs, which exist in a variety of shapes. Some signs are designed as A-frame or roll-up stands. Construction signs can also come in the form of a yellow and white or orange barricade. Messages can also be customized, although it’s common to use “men working,” “men at work” and “road work ahead.” Here are other typical work zone signs:

  • construction zone
  • road machinery ahead
  • shoulder work
  • right shoulder closed
  • survey crew
  • utility work ahead
  • speed fines double

Emphasizing Work Zone Safety

All employers involved in construction must prioritize work zone safety to reduce accidents. In 2015 there were over 96,000 crashes in work zones, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Based on this data, on average there’s a work zone crash in America every 5.4 minutes. About 26% of these accidents involve at least one injury. Each week there are about a dozen fatalities in work zones.

OSHA works to help reduce work zone accidents by sharing studies on how street and highway workers are exposed to dangers within and outside the work zone. The government agency issues guidelines for working on highway shoulders and near lane closures on multilane roads. These guidelines allow for workers to place flashing lights and portable warning lights on signs. NIOSH provides resources including equipment for construction workers.

Learning From Statistics

Data from the US Department of Transportation shows that worker injury or fatality together represent nearly a third of all work zone collisions. The most common type of work zone accident with injuries involves a driver coming in contact with construction equipment, which accounts for 35% of such accidents. Slips, trips and falls make up the second most common type, followed by overextension. Many work zone accidents are rear end collisions.

Project managers can be proactive by assigning a spotter the role to help communicate to workers and drivers, especially in situations of low visibility. Road construction signs play an important safety role as well, when placed where drivers can clearly see. Bright orange is easy to spot even in rainy weather, as most drivers associate the color with construction and caution.

Consider using road construction signs in any situation in which workers may be close to traffic. Keeping drivers aware of dangers ahead plays a big role in reducing work zone accidents.

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