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Reduce Accidents With School Zone Signs

June 15, 2016

School zones are extremely important for the safety of children while they are at school. Because parents cannot always be around their children, they tend to relax more when they see school zone signs. In the US, up to 100 children die every year when walking to and from school. Another 25,000 are usually injured in school zones. What exactly is a school zone? It refers to all marked crosswalks along suggested routes to schools and streets that are next to a school. According to NHTSA – National Highway Transportation Safety Authority – half of the schools kids killed in transportation crashes are between the ages of five and seven.

At crosswalks, a pedestrian always has right of way. Moreover, the yellow school crossing sign should warn drivers to slow down and drive carefully.

MUTCD regulation

Signage is regulated by MUTCD ‚Äì Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Services ‚Äì a document that was composed by professionals who make hard decisions about devices and their specifications. School zone signs should be pentagon-shaped, at least 30×30 inches, and green or yellow in color with black writing and a black border. To ensure visibility, MUTCD states that the signs should be reflectorized or illuminated ‚Äì this means that they should reflect back at the driver and their headlights. At Zumar Industries, you will get low-cost and effective safety devices that are easy to install. They also add 3 sides of reflectivity to the signs, making them visible to pedestrians and drivers from all angles.

How to prevent school zone accidents

Although educating kids about road safety is important, according to the American Journal of Public Health, such programs do not exert meaningful changes in their behavior. Prominently displaying school zone signs is a measure that has endured the test of time. All school zones need to have signs that meet DOT – Department of Transportation – standards. To meet state and federal requirements, the signs should be of a specific reflective grade and color to inform drivers that children are close.

Why you need Zumar Industries

Zumar is a trusted leader in the sign industry, which has been in business since 1947. The school zone signs provided by Zumar meet all federal requirements and stand out – making it possible for drivers to spot them from afar. The selection of these signs is important as it keeps school zones compliant with the regulations.

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