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Reasons Why Custom Road Signs Work and You Should Use Them

August 3, 2017

Your brand is not just about a logo, it is an entire experience that determines whether a customer remembers you and decides to come back again. The experience should be in everything you do: your website, newspaper ads, sales promotions, and your custom road signs.

Before diving into why road signs work for businesses and why you should have them, it is important to look at a few statistics. Did you know that nearly 8 out of 10 (76%) of customers say they enter a store they have never been to before because of signs? In addition, 60% of businesses report that changing the visibility of their signage has a positive effect on sales, profits and number of transactions.

The Importance for Businesses

Several businesses appreciate the importance of having professionally done signs. For example, many toddlers today know that a golden arches sign means a happy meal. By taking your time to build a trusted brand and infusing it in your custom road signage, businesses can use the signs to help travelers find them quickly and efficiently.

The Importance for Drivers

Imagine if there were no road signs on your nearest streets and a visitor had to drive back and forth looking up street numbers trying to figure out where you were to meet for diner. If enough drivers have this problem, how ridiculous do you think the traffic congestion would get?

This brings to the front driver safety. If a road sign cannot be spotted early enough, drivers may end up cutting several traffic lanes as they seek out a place to make the turn. Proper road signage helps improve driver safety.

Importance of Road Signs

With a proper design, road signage helps ensure that traffic moves smoothly without mishaps or bottlenecks. Road signs communicate messages about the road ahead and what you should expect as a driver.

When followed diligently, road signs are a critical tool in maintaining discipline on the road. Traffic flows freely, helping drivers get to their destinations by communicating where they should make a turn, exit, and enter.

Pre-informed drivers are less likely to make mistakes or take abrupt turns that cause bottlenecks. In addition, custom road signs help save fuel and time, providing information on what route to take to reach a particular destination.

Road signs help in several ways, including:

  • Pre-informing drivers about what lanes to take to avoid making abrupt turns
  • Mentioning exit and entry points on main roads
  • Segregating traffic
  • Provide needed guidance to specific destinations (for example, businesses, schools and other public amenities)

How to Choose a Road Sign Company to Help Your Business

No two custom road signs are the same, and no two sign providers are the same. This is why you should choose the right company in order to achieve your intended purpose. If you do not select the right firm, you will likely be spending your organization’s money on inferior products – translation for even more expenses somewhere down the road.

In addition, if the sign quality is not right, your audience will likely be put off. This is why a sign company should have several years of experience and can produce a variety of signs.

Road signs provide continuous advertising for your organization and they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you. Get in touch with Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington locations when you need any type of road signage for one location or complete rebranding.

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