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Reasons for Pedestrian Signs

November 14, 2019

Motorists sometimes forget about people who walk on sidewalks and cross streets until they see them. Automotive culture is so omnipresent drivers may assume that everyone uses a car for transportation. Here are reasons why pedestrian signs are needed in areas of heavy traffic where people walk.

Raising Awareness About Foot Traffic

The main reason to install pedestrian signs in areas where crowds gather is to remind drivers that they have to be more careful around foot traffic. Pedestrian signs stand out because they are usually bright yellow or green. Many of them use stick figures due to quick association with humans. Pedestrian signs are necessary around schools, hospitals, malls, parks and other places where groups of people meet, jog or hike.

There are various reasons why people walk. Many people are willing to walk short distances to connecting points such as bus stops or train stations and then use public transportation. Sometimes walking is simply an individual’s favorite way to travel, particularly in scenic areas or walkable malls. Even though it’s often rare to see walkers on any given street, it’s an activity that will likely gain more favor in the future. It certainly works as a solution to counter the obesity epidemic.

Another reason for pedestrian signs is to alert drivers at night to look for foot traffic at stop signs and crosswalks. Most accidents involving vehicles striking pedestrians occur at night due to lower visibility. Luckily, pedestrian signs are easily seen by drivers because of their bright color and retroreflective coating. If there’s an intersection that needs additional visibility, advanced signage technology like our TraffiCalm Push 2 Cross sign flashes to warn oncoming traffic that there’s currently a pedestrian in the intersection.

Promoting Good Exercise and Sustainability

One of the growing concerns among city governments all over the world is environmental safety. When people walk they cut down on fossil fuel usage and promote walking as a healthy exercise. City planners are working on encouraging citizens to walk more by designing walkable downtown areas.

It’s easy for people who use the car for all their transportation needs to forget that walking is a very healthy form of exercise. Not only does it help burn calories, it strengthens the heart and lowers blood sugar. It can also boost energy, mood and the immune system. Furthermore, walking frees the mind and allows individuals to be more creative, which can be useful for work as well as hobbies. Walking also puts a person in touch with nature, whereas a car often makes people feel more like spectators of their surroundings.

Another dimension of sustainability is promoting more cultural interaction. Part of the reason for the development of urban sprawl during the past century was that city planning was based on the automobile. More modern urban planning seeks to bring people closer together with an emphasis on pedestrian activity. By posting pedestrian signs, cities are helping promote sustainability and community bonds.


Pedestrian signs help make communities safer and promote the concept of sustainability. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location to learn more about how signs affect traffic and society.

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