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Reasons for HOA Signs

July 22, 2019

A homeowners association (HOA) should engulf itself with plenty of signs to help keep strangers away. One of the main reasons why residents choose HOAs is to ensure peace and quiet. Part of this strategy involves using plenty of signs that make it obvious the neighborhood has restrictions that all residents and visitors must follow.

Enforcing HOA Rules

HOAs need signs to reinforce the many rules adopted by its members. These signs are very helpful at swimming pools where there is no lifeguard on duty. Signs communicate pool hours and age requirements for children. Fines associated with rule violations can be posted as reminders, which work as reliable deterrents. A strategy for keeping intruders away from the property is to post neighborhood watch program signs or no parking signs in the area.

Rules About Elections

Election season brings new signs everywhere, particularly for local candidates and initiatives. It’s common for homeowners associations to prohibit such signs, but it can also be a double-edged sword in the sense that HOAs that are too strict about restricting freedom of expression can get negative press. One way for an association to take a middle ground approach is to allow for signs with size retrictions.

Some HOAs put restrictions on flags with certain exceptions, such as on Indepenedence Day. The decison for what can be displayed within such a community mainly is up to the association. Part of the reason certain signs are prevented is that they create controversy that can lead to disruptive arguments. They also communicate individuality in a community where certain views are expected to be shared. Specific HOA signs can be used to highlight rules that are designed to create comfort for all residents.

Access to the Community

One of the key advantages to living in an HOA community is that it’s usually gated and requires credentials, such as a code, to gain access through the main entrance. To keep unwanted visitors from entering the community, it’s best to post warning signs in advance so that a minimal number of drivers pull up to the gate by accident. Anyone who decides to move into an HOA should read the rules carefully before agreeing to move in, so that they know what type of signs they can display. You can also attend association meetings to try to change the rules.


Signs can be used by HOAs to remind residents and visitors what the rules are so that the community can maintain a quiet atmosphere. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location to learn more about appropriate HOA signage.

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