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Raising Awareness with a School Crossing Sign

April 29, 2019

Every school attended by children should surround itself with school crossing signs. These signs consist of messages that warn drivers of pedestrians using crosswalks near the campus. Here are points to remember when considering placement of a school crossing sign at a particular location.

Lowering Traffic Speed

One of the primary effects of placing school crossing signs effectively is that they influence slower traffic and more careful driving. Signs in school zones raise awareness about safety for pedestrians walking across steets and parking lots. Many drivers don’t deal much with pedestrians until they drive through school zones or other places where children are present. School crossing signs serve as reminders to watch for foot traffic in the daytime.

The word “school” itself reminds drivers that a potential crowd of people may be present. But without signs that mention school activity, drivers may drive faster rather than slower than the posted speed limit.

Keeping Schools Safe

The key to keeping roads surrounding schools safe for pedestrians is to post strategically placed school crossing signs. Warning signs should be placed several hundred feet in advance of crosswalks both adjacent and perpendicular to the school. Proper pavement markings, particularly in parking lots, also play a role in keeping traffic directed in an orderly fashion.

One of the most common school crossing signs says “slow traffic when children are present.”Another common example is simply an image of two pedestrians crossing a street. The color of these signs is usually bright yellow or lime so that it can be easily noticed by drivers.

It’s essential for a school crossing sign to be posted where there is no physical barrier that separates pedestrians from traffic. Pedestrian crossing signs help regulate traffic in the sense that they make drivers aware they must drive at a safe speed. The signs raise awareness most in the daytime during school hours.

Part of the consideration for sign placement should be whether or not the area has adequate sidewalks for walking. Pedestrian signs help promote neighborhood walkability among people interested in driving less and exercising more. The more walkable an area is, the more signage it potentially needs to warn and remind drivers.


Schools attract young people who use crosswalks in the daytime. Drivers should be warned about upcoming crosswalks several hundred feet in advance with a school crossing sign. For more information about school crossing signs, contact Zumar at our Arizona, California, or Washington location.

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