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Private Property Protection Includes Signs

December 20, 2018

Protecting private property goes beyond having the proper insurance. One of the best ways to prevent trespassers from occupying your property is with signs that communicate that only certain people are allowed entry. It’s a way to keep a roadway clear without investing in a big metal gate or stone wall. Here are other ways that signs are useful for reminding visitors they are on or are approaching private property.

Various Private Property Messages

  • Private Property
  • No Trespassing
  • Authorized Personnel Only
  • Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted
  • This Property Is Protected by Video Surveillance
  • This Is Not a Public Playground
  • Restricted Area
  • No Entry
  • Do Not Enter
  • Keep Out
  • Private Road
  • Protected By Armed Security

These private property signs all serve the same purpose, which is to warn visitors that certain places are off-limits to the public. They are normally in red or black letters with a white background or the reverse. In order for these signs to be most effective, they must be easily seen at night. Retro-reflective coating is the key for night visibility.

Friendly Warnings

In most cases, friendly but authoritative language works the best at getting people to respect a sign’s persuasive message. Letting people know that a property is private and that no trespassing is allowed is a friendly reminder that many citizens and businesses enjoy their peace and quiet. Wilderness areas particularly have a need for these privacy signs, especially in places where there are hunters and hikers.

Telling strangers to keep out or they will face consequences, such as charges of trespassing, is effective because there’s now widespread awareness that community watch programs are omnipresent. There’s a sense that the phrase “private property” commands authority and that the office complex is connected to an alarm system that communicates with law enforcement. A video surveillance warning sign sends out an even more intimidating message that whatever is captured by the camera lens will be documented.

Traffic Control

Signs with clear messages can be a form of traffic control that eliminates the need for personnel to guide traffic. Your property might be near a venue that holds big events and you don’t want spillover traffic parking near your property. Signs help enforce your policies that limit parking on your property to only employees or visitors with proper credentials. If you have to worry about annual events attracting traffic to your quiet area, consider movable signs, such as barriers.

While “Private Property” above “No Trespassing” is one of the most effective types of signs to discourage drivers from parking on your property, more conventional signs such as “No Parking” can be just as persuasive. Think about how strict your policy is at keeping strangers off your property and then go from there to shape your message.


A private property needs signs that inform and warn the public to stay clear of the area. These signs will make it easier to manage parking near your property, so that your employees will maintain priority for access. For more information about road signs, call Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location.

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