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Prevention with Purpose

July 18, 2017

Why are Quality Street Name Signs Important?

School districts, local residents, and travelers depend on reflective, eye-catching street name signs to make life a little bit easier. Especially for buses following pre-assigned routes. The ability to clearly see street signs for student pick-up is time-saving.

Weather-resistant signs glare like a beacon on foggy nights or during torrential downpours. When the weather is an issue, these reflective street signs with bold lettering can prevent accidents by giving the driver enough time to make slow turns or be alert to potential hazards, instead of turning too quickly before passing the street.

Overall Purpose of Signs

Why is it important to have well-made, legible street name signs? What other purposes do they serve? Here are some of the functions signs perform on a daily basis:

  • They are used to fulfill a need.
  • Well-designed street name signs command attention.
  • Purposeful signs alert those traveling through unfamiliar areas.
  • They promote and facilitate safe practices, allowing for valuable and appropriate response time in coherence with the varying surroundings and terrain.

With over 1.3 million casualties annually caused by car accidents, road guides such as a durable and industrial strength signage can mean the difference between life or death for drivers and pedestrians.

What to Avoid

It is vital to encourage, implement, and support informed decision making related to proper sign placement. Street name signs in their simplicity encapsulate proper safety guidelines. When you invest in simple, stable and hard-wearing solutions such as high-quality street name signs, your choices become invaluable to your community.

If effective street signs are placed in well-researched areas that show a prevalent need for the addition of sturdy, secure answers to traffic-related problems, practical safety rules are upheld. In addition to the millions of casualties that occur on a yearly basis in traffic accidents, another 20 to 50 million become injured or disabled as a direct result of vehicle crashes. Not surprisingly, as the emphasis placed on sign clarity as an accident deterrent grows, drivers involved in accidents file lawsuits citing “sign visibility” and “failure to warn” as the catalyst to their incident. Outdated signage is not only a safety hazard but vulnerable to prosecution.

The Best Street Name Signs Point to Zumar

Are there high traffic areas that need improvement near you? Do you think the right sign could prevent costly and life-altering incidents from plaguing your community? If you want to make a difference and solve numerous problems with a long-term solution, check out Zumar. Click here or call at any one of their our locations in Arizona, California, Washington. Contact us to discover how high-quality, long-lasting signs can bring convenience and clarity to your local community today!

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