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Preventing Accidents with Warning Road Signs

June 6, 2018

Traffic signs have played a major role in reducing and preventing accidents. Warning road signs let drivers know about specific conditions on the road ahead. There are literally hundreds of variations of these signs across the nation. Here are some of the primary warning signs to consider for roads on or near your property.

Triangular and Diamond Signs

Many warning road signs are triangle shaped signs with a white background and red border or yellow background and black border. Yellow diamond-shaped signs with black borders are also fairly common. Construction signs must be diamond-shaped with an orange background, as required by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). These signs indicate road work ahead, which usually calls for a slower speed limit.

Long and Winding Roads

Winding roads tend to be in scenic woodsy areas, but may also be built around hills, rivers, and creeks. High elevation roads that come near cliffs can be dangerous for drivers, so signs are needed for reducing speed and as indicators of which way the road turns. These yellow signs are usually diamond-shaped with black borders and thick black arrows which point in the direction of the curve.

Lane Endings and Merging Traffic

Drivers need to know if the lane they are in is going to end soon and merge with an adjacent lane. This type of warning sign alerts them to pass other cars with caution or be patient until another opportunity presents itself, which should call for a sign indicating a widening of lanes. It’s particularly helpful to post warning signs when multiple lanes merge into just one lane. Another example of a dangerous road that needs warning signs is when a two-lane road turns into one-way traffic following an intersection.

Pedestrian and Railroad Crossings

Various types of intersections require road warning signs, especially when they involve pedestrians or trains. Grade schools through high schools definitely need warning signs posted in their areas that inform drivers to slow down “when children are present.” Drivers don’t always know they are entering a school zone until signs tell them so.

Hazardous Road Conditions

Road conditions can be dangerous in wilderness areas and along mountainsides in the winter, when it’s possible for falling road or debris to wind up in the roadway. These roads may be far from towns, so drivers are on their own, as there may be no local service to patrol or clear the roadway.

Various Other Warning Road Signs

  • speed bumps
  • bridges
  • forks (Y-intersections)
  • next gas 20 miles
  • road ends ahead (no through traffic)

The best way to protect drivers in areas that present danger is with road warning signs. By letting them know what they are approaching, they can be prepared to slow down, stop or proceed with caution. Zumar is a family run business that’s been making traffic signs for over seven decades. Contact us to learn more about how we can provide high quality custom warning road signs for your organization.

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