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Planning for Special Event Parking

October 11, 2018

Special event parking can pose challenges for planners, who must find ways to manage foot and car traffic in the midst of unusual parking conditions. Special event parking signs, whether single- or double-sided, can help. Here at Zumar, we’ve helped with hundreds of special events, planning signs to help traffic flow more smoothly. Here are some important things to keep in mind while planning customized signs for a special event:

Types of Special Events

  • Picnics
  • Parades
  • Concerts
  • Community festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Grand openings

Not all special events are open to the public, but many require permits, especially if they impact traffic or parking in the area. Every city government is involved in planning and permitting special events in public spaces. For example, the city of Los Angeles holds about 2500 special events per year. Permits for film and television shoots are issued by Film LA. Permits are also required for parades, public assemblies, and any events that require street closures.

Even if your special event doesn’t involve a road closure, it may change the flow of traffic in the surrounding area. One of the most common solutions for special event parking is to use signs with arrows that help attendees find their destination. This is especially important for events on large campuses, such as school art shows, fundraisers, and fairs. While your campus may be able to accommodate parking for these events, officials may want to direct traffic to one particular garage.

Valet Special Event Parking

Upscale establishments sometimes choose a valet service as a parking solution, but some attendees may try to avoid using it due to cost. Restaurants and hotels that use valet on a regular basis commonly validate tickets, which encourages users to take advantage of valet services rather than trying to find street parking elsewhere. Valet parking rules and services can be explained to users with signs, pylons, A-frames or barriers.

Trade Shows

Vendors who operate booths at industry trade shows like to invest in banners and other signage that helps their booth stand out. However, the organization running a trade show may also want to invest in signs that manage foot and car traffic on the premises. If a trade show offers a reserved parking ticket for certain attendees, special event parking signage can help attendees differentiate between reserved and open parking slots.

Stadium Events

The bigger the event, the more signs are needed to direct traffic in its parking lot. Stadium event signs keep traffic in the correct direction and organize parking in order to make it easier for attendees to come and go. These signs are particularly important if you are using unusual detours to manage traffic. Signs also help pedestrians navigate special event parking lots.

Signs for special event parking can help drivers and pedestrians stay safe and on track during high-traffic occasions. For more information about special event parking, call Zumar at their Arizona, California or Washington location.

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