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Modern No Pedestrian Crossing Signs

March 20, 2020

Traditional no pedestrian crossing signs have a red cross mark over the image of a stick figure walking. Some signs say “No Pedestrian Traffic,” but the signs with pedestrian images are widely recognized. These signs are often placed in areas of potential danger, such as a construction site. As an alternative to traditional signs, some cities use RRFB’s or Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacons.

Making Schools Safer

Grade schools must ensure that the neighborhood traffic is safe enough for parents to feel comfortable. One of the best ways to do that is to place No Pedestrian Crossing signs where it’s unsafe for students to walk. During periods of road construction near a crosswalk, you can use an electronic sign with LEDs with the flexibility of programming any message.

These LED enhanced signs, which are manufactured by TraffiCalm, help get the attention of both drivers and pedestrians. Many of them are solar powered and draw energy at night from batteries. The signs are portable and can be moved around town for testing traffic conditions at various locations.

Keeping Visitors Safe

Another reason to post a No Pedestrian Crossing sign is if your location has public visitors that are unfamiliar with your property. If you run a factory, you may need to direct traffic and pedestrians away from manufacturing areas where dangerous chemicals are used. The electronic sign is useful for many purposes, especially to guide visitors to their destinations.

Other reasons to use electronic signs to warn pedestrians may relate to weather or accidents. Flooded roads must be closed, along with the walkways, and bike routes that go with it. The walkway may also be too slippery due to snow or ice. Portable electronic signs are useful at accident scenes because they are easy to set up and can be moved easily. These signs connect to the internet and can be updated in real time.

When Detours Are Needed

Another advantage to an electronic sign is that it can inform pedestrians of an alternate route to get to their destination. This system reduces confusion, whereas a closed off walkway with no explanation might cause pedestrians to get lost. If an electronic sign is unavailable, it helps to give people some indication of where they can walk safely.

No Pedestrian Signs in Buildings

There are plenty of reasons to use No Pedestrian crossing signs inside business facilities, especially where any type of maintenance work is conducted. Portable barriers that warn of dangers should be placed where slippery conditions exist, such as where someone mops the floor in a store or restaurant. Any park that attracts tourists should also have such signs handy to move around the facility to keep curious spectators away from danger.


The power of signage, whether traditional or electronic, promotes safety. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location to learn more about No Pedestrian Crossing signs. Let us know your needs for delivering messages in public.

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