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Managing Traffic with TraffiCalm Signs

May 13, 2019

When you need radar or variable speed limit signs, TraffiCalm is a reliable source to turn to for help. The company is devoted to manufacturing cost-effective lit message signs that withstand adverse weather. Here are key advantages to using TraffiCalm signs to help manage traffic.

Sign Styles and Sizes

TraffiCalm manufactures a wide variety of round or square signs in different styles and sizes. These signs are designed to be MUTCD compliant and are easy to install. The iQ900 and the iQ1200 Portable signs are used for big events partly because they are easy to transport. They are also easy to see from far away, as the iQ1800 can be viewed from 750 feet and the 9″ Value sign can be seen from 450 feet.

The signs are powered by batteries and can last five to seven days before they need to be recharged. You can go green by using a 20-60 watt solar kit. By using solar, you can promote your organization as going green, which is increasingly gaining favor among business owners and consumers. Using solar-powered TraffiCalm products is a way to bring solar to your community.

Deciding on Sign Types

The decision on what types of TraffiCalm Driver Feedback signs to post can affect other long-term decisions. You should first decide on whether the signs will be AC or solar powered. Another question to ask is: will any traffic data be collected from the sign?

If you decide on a solar powered sign, a Value Sign is a complete solution that only requires posting the sign. It’s a compact sign that can be controlled with a remote. It does not record traffic data and is not compatible with camera options, but provides data analysis tools.

The IQ signs provide more quality options, such as programmable messages. Two events per 24 hour period can be programmed with almost unlimited program schedules. In addition to displaying numerical speeds, these signs can display messages such as “slow down” along with emoticons to increase driver awareness.

Investing in Safety

Since most accidents happen at night, signs with lights create safer driving conditions, helping people get to where they want to go more safely. Contact us at Zumar at our Arizona, Washington or California location to learn more about how you can benefit from TraffiCalm signs.

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