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Knowing Your Options for Traffic Safety Products

July 26, 2019

There are multiple traffic safety products to think about if your organization has a large parking lot or covers an area that includes streets. Investing in these products helps cut costs on traffic control services and creates safer driving conditions. Here are some of the various products beyond standard traffic signs that promote safety.

Cones and Barriers

Streets or areas where events are held can use traffic cones to help identify lanes that are open or closed. Cones come in various colors, with red and bright orange being the most common, as these colors are associated with danger. The cones are useful to add protection and separation when road crews are at work. Delineators are long orange vertical tubes used to make work areas obvious.

Portable Signs

Signs are sometimes needed for one-time events, such as a grand opening for a new apartment complex. Portable signs can be placed in strategic areas to enforce rules, such as places where parking is prohibited. The signs may be erected from bases or stands using lightweight materials for easy transport.

Portable signs come in handy when a school is having an arts and crafts fair. Generic folding stands can be used as barriers to keep foot traffic concentrated on specific walkways. Channelizers are more robust barriers used for marking boundaries. Traffic barricades come in various forms, some of which have four legs while smaller models have two legs.

When a parking lot is converted to an event area, such as a flea market, portable stop signs can be placed in strategic areas to control vendor traffic. Signs are necessary to ensure vehicles operate at a safe distance from pedestrians.

Striping and Pavement Markings

Road markings are sometimes needed to add more definition to how streets are to be used by motorists and pedestrians. Striped slots make parking lots more orderly while handicap parking must comply with government regulations. Adding crosswalks for pedestrians is important for organizations to show they care about the safety of guests once they get out of their vehicles.

Parking lots need restriping periodically to ensure that fading doesn’t confuse visitors. Businesses with reserved parking spaces need pavement markings to keep strangers from using the slots. Pavement markings reinforce messages on traffic signs, particularly for slowing down or stopping.


The more your company deals with public traffic, the more it should invest in various traffic safety products that make it easy to manage drivers and pedestrians. Contact Zumar to learn more about how signs create a safer driving environment.

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