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Keeping the Neighborhood Peaceful with HOA Signs

December 11, 2018

Homeowner associations (HOAs) can enforce some of their policies with signs that inform strangers or their own residents. Even within gated communities, it’s helpful to post signs that remind residents of prioritized rules. Here’s a deeper look at the value of HOA signs and how they set a tone for a quiet, controlled neighborhood.

Common HOA Signs

  • Private Property
  • HOA Member Use Only
  • Parking By Permit Only
  • No Trespassing
  • This Property Closed To The Public
  • Residents and Guests Only
  • No Solicitors

Since HOA board members vote on association rules, there will likely be many types of signs that are not permitted within the community, such as “For Sale” signs. At the same time, homeowners who are trying to sell their properties may ask their boards for exceptions. While the internet has helped the real estate industry bring buyers and sellers together, traditional signs and open houses are still just as important when it comes to selling homes.

HOA Warning Signs

If your HOA is associated with a community watch program, then it is very beneficial to post related warning signs. Some people who wander into unfamiliar neighborhoods may be perfectly innocent, while those who are up to no good need to be discouraged from loitering or other illegal activity. Neighborhood watch signs help remind them that they may be recorded by video surveillance cameras.

Most HOAs exist to be private communities, so chances are, parking is limited in such an area, making “No Parking” signs useful. One of the most reliable sign messages that keeps outsiders from parking within an HOA community is one that warns their vehicle will get towed at the owner’s expense. Attaching the Vehicle Code information to this warning sign adds emphasis that your private property is protected by the law.

A common reason why people choose to live in an HOA is because they want peace and quiet, perhaps because they are retired. That’s why many HOAs are gated communities. The gate should have an easy-to-read sign that explains the entry process.

Signs HOAs Allow

State law determines whether or not an HOA can restrict its homeowners from posting political signs. In California, for example, HOAs are not allowed to set such policies, although they may restrict commercial signage. Washington State has a similar law, in which it considers political signage during an election to be free speech and thus protected by the First Amendment. Arizona allows campaign signs 45 days before a primary election and up to about a week after a general election.

HOAs are free to set their own rules where state and local laws do not apply. In some cases if an HOA restricts certain signs, residents can check to see if state law supersedes their rules. Here are the various types of signs that an HOA will likely post for traffic control and privacy purposes:

  • Danger: Keep This Gate Closed
  • Handicapped Parking Only
  • No Parking Any Time
  • No Smoking
  • One Way (with arrow)
  • Speed Bumps Ahead
  • Speed Limit (with mph)


Signs can help steer drivers away from parking in HOAs and can be useful to communicate messages within the community. For more information about HOA signs, call Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location.

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