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Improving Traffic Safety Within Your Neighborhood

January 19, 2017

Parents constantly worry that people are driving too fast on residential streets, turning too quickly around blind corners, and putting their children in danger. The battle to improve traffic safety within the confines of a neighborhood often falls upon the the Home Owners Association or a group of concerned citizens who contact their local police department and city council about the issue. Fortunately, a few well placed signs are proven to get drivers’ attention and slow them down.

The Most Effective Signs for Your Neighborhood

Some of the best ways to improve traffic safety in a neighborhood are to place Playground or Bicycle signs at the entrances to the subdivision. This lets drivers know that there are children at play who may be in or near the roadways. Some HOAs also invest in speed humps and label them clearly with signage so that drivers know to watch out.

Speed Limits

Posting safe speed limits within your housing development is also important for traffic safety. Some areas insist that cars stay below 20 mph, especially in areas that are crowded and near schools. Make sure that these signs are always visible and are not hidden behind trees or other obstacles to get the best results.

Traffic safety also requires the support and understanding of those living within the community. Posting signs alerts drivers to watch out for children and other hazards, but it is up to everyone to take responsibility for following the rules and reporting any dangerous behavior when necessary.

To learn more about proper traffic safety and where to buy signs for your neighborhood, visit Zumar today. We can help you find the perfect sign or create custom signs to meet your requirements.

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