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Importance of Fall Protection Signs in a Construction Site

May 11, 2017

Erecting warning signs for the sake of workers and visitors around your construction site is not only a wise idea, but keeps them safe. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has outlined construction safety standards. Construction signs around the site is among the safety requirements outlined in their safety guidelines. OSHA also requires manufacturers of construction signs to comply with safety protocol guidelines while making the signs. Zumar, a renowned manufacturer of custom construction signs, ensures that OSHA’s manufacture guidelines for the signs are followed to the letter.

Why are fall protection signs important?

Falls that happen on a construction site can end in a fatality, especially if they involve heights. While construction is in progress, a simple slip and fall accident can result in a serious injury if the victim lands on nails, scrap metals, cut iron sheets, or other sharp objects. According to OSHA, the construction industry reports the highest number of worker deaths compared to any other industry in the U.S.

While you observe other safety precautions to protect your construction workers from falls, construction signs are a reminder of these precautions. Place them in reasonable areas where workers and visitors can notice and read them prior to the potential hazard. If there is a slippery floor ahead, find a strategic point where anyone can read the sign before stepping onto it. The sign will not be as helpful if placed along the slippery floor.

Looking at it from a legal perspective, failing to place a warning sign where needed poses a huge risk for the construction site owner. The Employers’ Liability Act requires construction owners to protect their workers from imminent danger. If an injured worker sued your company for not having fixed a warning or hazard sign, you’d pay hefty compensation if the courts found you liable. The worker’s attorney only needs to prove that the injury was directly caused at the construction site, and a reminder by placing construction signs would have prevented the fall. Winning against such a case requires a highly competent lawyer, which means extra time and legal fees.

A construction site with warning signs at designated places looks organized and workers are motivated to work in such areas. They are more aware of their surroundings and concentrate on their productivity and safety.

If a cost benefit analysis for ordering custom warning signs was conducted, you’d not feel the pinch about investing in the purchase of the signs. Every construction sign is worth your dime. It alerts a worker who is otherwise fixated on other thoughts, so he is likely to pay more attention to an impending hazard.

At Zumar, we value the importance of workers’ safety. This is why we are committed to manufacturing custom construction signs in compliance with OSHA safety standards. Our quality services are affordable, convenient, and timely. During the sign manufacture process, we engage our clients regularly to meet their expectations, and provide suggestions for improvement. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and we’ll start working on your order immediately.

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