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Importance of Erecting Road Safety Signs near School Zones

March 16, 2017

Road signage has been used throughout the years to guide both motorists and pedestrians on proper road usage. It is a safety measure to mitigate the risks of road accidents to save lives of road users. School zones are areas where road safety signs should be indispensably erected.

What are the different road safety signs you should expect in school zones?

  • Parking sign. This contains a bold letter P with the arrow sign to where the parking spot is. This road safety sign is used to guide visitors about where to park their cars. It also marks the designated area for school buses parking.
  • Speed bump sign. The signage resembles a wave to indicate an upcoming bump. It is used to alert motorists to beware of bumps ahead so that they slow their speed to avoid getting tossed up on impact.
  • Stop signs. The stop sign (red in color) communicates to motorists to promptly stop for possible oncoming traffic or pedestrians.
  • Children playing sign. This is a reminder to motorists to drive carefully, keep an eye out, and practice caution, in case a child suddenly runs into the street.
  • Pedestrian crossing. The sign contains a person walking on a zebra crossing which gestures to motorists to slow down and allow school children and staff to cross.

Why is it important to set up road safety signs near school zones?

  • Children safety. A mounted road safety sign near a school zone signals an oncoming motorist to beware of crossing school children. The motorist will be extra careful to drive at a slower speed and allow children to cross the road safely.
  • Reduced accidents. Road safety signs near school zones ensure that preventable accidents do not happen.
  • There is order. School zone safety signs ensure that drivers are able to easily navigate through school parking lots and roadways.

Setting up road safety signs near your school zone ensures that lives are not lost and that school going children are safe. Keep children, staff and school visitors safe by erecting signage around school zones. At Zumar, we manufacture all school signs. Contact us today for high quality school signs.

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