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Ideas for Designing a Custom Kiosk

October 2, 2018

If your business is looking for a new, inventive way to draw in customers, a custom kiosk may help you expand your reach. A kiosk at a mall or tourist attraction can increase the number of people who are exposed to your business and can offer new opportunities to provide information and sell products and services. Making sure your custom kiosk is signed and designed beautifully will help attract public attention.

Any business that works with the public may benefit from using a custom kiosk for marketing their products and services. Depending on your industry, you may consider a traditional kiosk such as a table or tent with a sign, or a more modern, technology-centered kiosk, such as a computer touchscreen terminal. Regardless of which style of kiosk you choose, designing and using eye-catching custom kiosk signs will draw visitors to seek information.

Rise of Pop-up Shops

In the past decade, the popularity of pop-up shops has surged. According to the American Marketing Association, pop-up shops have become a $50 billion industry. Many entrepreneurs use custom kiosks on wheels or easy-to-assemble units to promote their businesses at other events and locations, and these pop-up shops allow plenty of room for creative design.

For food kiosks, many businesses use mobile carts, which allow for more flexibility in movement. Creative design shapes can help attract attention — for example, a fruit stand shaped like a banana or a sporting goods booth shaped like a football. Signage with statements, logos, and other branded materials also helps attract attention to a custom kiosk pop-up shop.

Eye-Catching Custom Kiosk Signs

If you plan to host a custom kiosk at a big event such as a fair, you want your design to stand out from other booths and activities. When custom kiosk booths all look the same, it can be easy to be overlooked. Choosing the correct colors and materials will make your presentation unique and position your business as an independent, creative organization.

One of the most powerful aspects of a custom kiosk is its ability to bring a seller and buyer together. Events offer valuable opportunities for organizations to interact with customers in a casual, friendly environment. A custom kiosk is ideal for online businesses who want to establish in-person customer relationships without the overhead costs of a permanent brick-and-mortar location.

Designing Your Custom Kiosk

The custom kiosk process begins with a concept, then moves through stages of brainstorming and revision that refine the idea and execute a final product. Once you have a final plan locked down, you can take your custom kiosk idea to an experienced designer, who will provide a mockup so that you can make necessary tweaks prior to production.

Whether your kiosk is traditional or electronic, eye-catching signage is important for drawing potential customers to interact with your display. If your kiosk will be located outdoors, be sure to design with environmental factors in mind. Your signage should be durable in any weather conditions your kiosk may encounter. For a permanent kiosk installation, it’s important to make sure all your signs are mounted correctly.

A kiosk can help stimulate interest in your organization at malls, tourist attractions, and public events. For more information about designing a custom kiosk, contact Zumar at their Arizona, California or Washington location.

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