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How Warning Signage Protects Your Guests

December 5, 2017

It’s very important to use warning signage on your property whenever there is any risk that accidents may occur. Signs play a huge role in reducing the number of accidents in areas where there are possible road hazards due to environmental factors. Not only can appropriate signs protect you from litigation, you can send out a message to your community that you care about safety.

How Warning Signs Reduce Accidents

Most warning signage is designed to stand out as bright and obvious to drivers. Road signs must meet government requirements and be easy to read. People have been trained to pay attention to signs since they began driving, so there’s a second nature factor involved that most drivers look at road signs.

Warning signs will generally be red or caution yellow. Staying consistent with these universal themes will make your signs easier to understand and more likely to generate the desired results. Warning signage is useful when you have limited space but expect a certain volume of traffic.

Sometimes warning signs are only needed for certain events. A nearby tourist attraction may get increased traffic during the summer months and you need signs to warn people not to feed wildlife or to be cautious when it comes to valuables. You may also need warning signs in the winter to alert drivers about slippery roadways or the possibility of flooding or other weather alerts.

Common Warning Signs

There are dozens of widely recognized warning signs used universally. A common example is a deer crossing sign. Another commonly seen warning sign is a no U-turn sign. Turn signs that indicate an upcoming intersection are common, especially on winding roads.

Perhaps you need to create a customized design based on unique factors that define your property. If you own a farm or ranch, you may want signs that indicate the type of machinery used on your property, such as a tractor. If your area has had accidents related to a specific condition, you will want to consider creating a sign that warns drivers of that specific danger.

Delivery trucks must particularly stay clear of certain factors, such as low overpasses and tunnels that do not accommodate a certain height. If your property is on a steep hill, it’s helpful to provide warning signs with images that indicate steepness. Sharp curves may also require appropriate signage that warns the driver ahead of time to proceed with caution.

In order to limit your liability and protect your guests, you should consider using warning signage on your property when it’s appropriate. The more you let people know that you care about their safety, the more it helps your reputation. By promoting driver awareness, you will be creating safer conditions.

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