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How to Run a Successful Band-it Sign Campaign

December 29, 2015

Everybody has seen a 12 X 18 inch band-it sign suspended from a telephone pole or in a four way intersection. Although these signs can be a great way to relay information, simply saturating your market with signs does not guarantee a successful campaign. Instead, you’ll want to be sure that high-quality band-it signs are purchased and positioned in just the right areas to get the attention and exposure you want.

Here are a few tips for running a successful band-it sign campaign:

Size: If your sign is unreadable, it’s no good. Bigger signs can be more costly, but it’s totally worth it. The average band-it sign is only 12 x 18 inches. However, to attract a larger audience, an 18 X 24 inch sign should be used.

Creativity: Investors quickly learned that band-it signs were one of the most cost effective ways to market directly to the people. Delivering a “short and sweet” message is vitally important, but the message should also be unique. Amending your sign even slightly can really make it stand out. For example, instead of putting up a sign that says ‚Äúwe sell houses,

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