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How to Decide on Custom Caution Signs

February 8, 2018

Custom caution signs are easy to spot on roads and highways because they are usually yellow and diamond-shaped. The Federal Highway Administration issues a manual called Standard Highway Signs, which provides images of what various road signs should look like. Custom caution signs to fit your organization can be designed with software and should be considered for unique situations.

Examples of Caution Signs

  • Dangerous Curves Ahead
  • Narrow Winding Road
  • Two Way Traffic Ahead
  • Congestion Ahead
  • Caution: Construction in Progress

Purpose of Custom Caution Signs

While there are already established standard signs that cover a wide range of traffic issues, you may have to deal with unique nuances that affect the roads on your property. Winding roads sometimes require unique images to depict how the upcoming roadway turns. You may also need to customize a sign due to an unconventional layout of a parking lot and walkways for pedestrians.

Avoid posting signs that are unwarranted, which can end up being more of a distraction to drivers. The key reasons for sign placement should be for safety and raising awareness of traffic regulations. Schools where children are often present need signs to remind drivers to watch out for children.

If you have a ranch near a highway it’s helpful to warn drivers to watch out for animals. If your street connects in a big circle, you can save drivers time by creating a circular symbol that depicts the road ahead. Sometimes the roadway can be easily covered with rocks and mud if it winds around a mountainside. Letting drivers know what to expect can help them protect their vehicles from damage.

Basic Sign Requirements

  • fulfill a need among drivers and pedestrians
  • command the attention of people using a road
  • convey a clear, easy-to-read message
  • be respected by road users
  • allow for adequate response time

Design for Caution Signs

It’s important for caution signs to follow certain basic standards, such as the typical black lettering on a yellow background. Certain variations may be effective, such as the word “caution” in yellow letters with a black background. The rest of the sign can display the more conventional format of black letters on a yellow background. In some cases caution signs can be shaped like a diamond with black letters over a red background.

The caution sign can be customized with the message that fits your area and road condition(s). It can be a warning to drivers of upcoming road hazards or if there’s a dead end up ahead. The shape of a caution sign often resembles a diamond, but it can also be square or rectangular. There’s usually enough space to accommodate about 3-5 words.

To learn more about having a safety sign customized for your private or public roadway, contact Zumar for a Free Quote.

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