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How To Buy Road Signs That Will Last And Communicate Effectively

June 8, 2017

Buying Right

When you buy road signs, there are many reasons to buy carefully. A road sign isn’t just a traffic-directing agent, it’s a resource consolidating and preserving agent. Road signs that properly direct traffic preserve roadways, prevent accidents, and act as legal protections against undisciplined drivers.

There should be no wonder that certain criteria must be met for maximum effectiveness. Certainly, any individual with a can of spray paint and some cardboard can create a notice that is visible from the roadway. But this doesn’t hold the same weight.

One of the reasons you need signs which meet certain standards and criteria is because people have seen these particular styles of signs for decades. This means they have subconsciously retained their meaning. This is why quality and correct symbolism is the highest priority.


Modern sign standards specifying them as authoritative include several qualifications including, but not limited to:

  • Effective Reflectivity
  • Strong Mounting
  • Height Specifications
  • Requisite Size-to-Visibility Ratios

These qualifications consolidate uniformity, spreading their messages so that drivers understand what is expected of them when they are on the road.

If you buy road signs that don’t meet such qualifications, they may be disregarded for the same reason you won’t take paint sprayed across a swathe of cardboard with any seriousness.

Additional Scientific Qualifiers

There is a certain reflectivity quotient to take into account with signs today. Headlights won’t reflect off most self-derived options, or even some that have been professionally printed by local manufacturers. Proper signs will reflect headlights so that the sign is clearly visible, even on the darkest night. One way this is facilitated is through things like Vis-Z-Shield¬Æ, which is designed to increase reflectivity. Reflectors are also added to sign posts that are perforated, which acts as another light-capturing measure.

Your business can save time, effort, and money if it were to buy road signs from manufacturers known for their quality in production, and adherence to standards.

Professional Acquisition

Zumar is known as one of the largest FHWA-approved (Federal Highway Administration) distributors of signs in the US. Zumar doesn’t only sell signs, but also sells signposts, which are perforated for strength and affordability, as well as reflector addition. Zumar offers digital printing solutions for signs which must be made to order. We can easily handle multiple production quotas from diverse locations, as our offices are located in multiple states. If you need more information or want a quote request, call Zumar at our Arizona, California, or Washington locations.

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