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How SignAlert Communicates with Drivers

January 14, 2020

Reflectivity is an essential part of roads and highways because it helps guide motorists to stay within their lanes. But in some cases, people need other reminders to drive safely and follow regulatory messages. But not all of these signs have the same level of importance. Here are essential points to know about SignAlert, which delivers various electronic warning signals to drivers with flashing LEDs attached to regular road signs.

AC or Solar Power

TraffiCalm makes multiple models of driver feedback signs that vary in sophistication. One of these solutions, called SignAlert, stands for “Sign Enhancement System,” which can be integrated with any existing sign for retrofitting. This innovative MUTCD compliant sign equipped with radar and internet connectivity, comes in both traditional AC and solar models that use batteries. The device functions indefinitely when exposed to low sunlight.

LED Brightness and Durability

City governments are attracted to high intensity LEDs due to long-term cost reduction and greater energy efficiency compared with traditional lights. The bright lights allow drivers and pedestrians to see signs better even in low visibility. Both the solar and AC models are embedded with Fog-Buster Technology, as the lights shine so brightly they can be spotted at night from two miles away.

Operators have controls for different lighting modes day or night, as flashers can be adjusted to flash between 60 and 180 times per minute. Mode options include standard, bright, pulse, and emergency. Flasher rings are mounted to the sign faces to enhance the lights and demand more attention from motorists.

Seamless Connectivity

Throughout the line of SignAlert products, devices have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity solutions through TC Connect. The BASIC version does not provide network communication but can be adapted to integrate radar.

The more advanced SignAlert models using TC Connect do not need to sign on to the internet through hot spots or apps. The flexible system is secure and detectable by any device with an installed browser. An assigned network security key must be used to activate Wi-Fi access. Then the user must stay within 100 feet of the device to maintain connectivity.

The concept of signs getting smarter all the time is part of a wider infrastructure plan across the world to establish “smart cities.” A smart city is one that uses IoT sensors that detect activity monitored in the physical or digtital world. The data is transmitted to a central location where it can be analyzed and used for operational decisions.

Less Stress and More Progress

The easy-to-use controller for the new version of SignAlert released in 2019 emphasizes consolidation, convenience and efficiency. Setting up the sign is very basic as well for temporary situations. There’s no mounting in the ground involved, so the work can be performed with less hassle over permits.

Another major advantage the device provides to local governments is that LED lights last much longer than tradtional lights and cost less in the long run. The lights are guaranteed to last at least 100,000 hours and are protected by a 5-year warranty.


Modern electronic signs have capabilities far beyond those of last century. SignAlert devices help direct motorists to pay closer attention to traffic laws and safety. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location to learn more about how various technologies make roads safer.

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