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How Private Property Signs Keep the Peace

December 14, 2017

Posting private property signs communicates that you do not want strangers parking on or near your property. Each state has its own definition for trespassing, so it helps to study your state’s laws about entering and remaining on a private property without authorization. Signs can help prevent cars from using up parking slots.

Effectiveness of Warning Signs

People are likely to respect private property signs as well as general warning signs. Travelers are particularly conscious of road signs that communicate local laws. A sign with a message about private property or “no trespassing” makes it obvious that only people with permission are authorized to be on the property. Signs can intimidate unwelcome guests, especially if there’s a warning in smaller print how ‘all offenders will be prosecuted.”

Signs that warn about private property convey a sense of seriousness and alert individuals that they may be violating local laws. The most effective signs are made of metal such as aluminum, which makes them easy to read even in the dark. Aluminum is also widely used for outdoor signs because it is waterproof and rustproof, making them useful all year round.

Importance of Visibility

In order for your sign to be effective, it needs to be visible both day and night. Warning signs about private property are commonly red and white with black text. A sign with a clear message might say “NO” in bold lettering aside words such as soliciting, loitering and trespassing. The sign must be easy to interpret. If the property has guard dogs or security surveillance, it helps to include these extra warnings.

The reason you need to make sure visitors can easily read your signs is because you will have a stronger case against a trespasser if you have signs that make it obvious the land is off-limits to the public. In many cases simple messages such as “no entry” work well.

Multiple Security Layers

Private property signs should help deter unwanted visitors from your property. In order to maximize protection, you may want to install security cameras as well as signs that warn individuals they will be captured on video. Other ways to discourage strangers from parking on your property include building gates and developing a community watch program, in which members agree to notify local authorities about any suspicious characters.

You may have multiple reasons to keep strangers from hanging around your property. Private property signs are effective for sending a message that occupying the land may lead to trouble with the law. Start planning your private property signs for areas that you want to protect.

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