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How Parking Signs Contribute to Efficiency

June 19, 2018

The strategic placement of parking signs can keep your parking lot in order. The lack of signage can lead to traffic or safety issues. Schools particularly need signs that direct drivers to where they can safely park. Here are points to remember when it’s time to invest in parking signs.

Protecting a Parking Slot

If you want to control parking slots for employees, it’s best to use a “reserved parking” or “employees only” sign. A highly visible presentation of this message includes the use of white letters over a red background. The sign can be divided into a top and bottom section, with a custom message in the lower section. If the specialized parking is only occupied during the week, you can include “except on weekends” if you want to make it available to the public.

Another way to reserve a parking slot is to use a numbering system, which is common for large parking lots at malls or stadiums. Numbers are painted in each space, which means maintenance will be needed when the paint fades. The numbers can also be posted in other ways. If an entire parking lot is reserved for specific drivers, then it makes more sense to post a sign at the entrance about the parking requirements. Without these types of signs, it can lead to employees arriving to work late, which can cost time and money.

How to Discourage Parking

Most drivers know not to park in fire lanes or handicap parking spots, which can result in a heavy fine. The key in both cases is signage with warnings. Here are some of the different types of signs that discourage parking:

  • 20 Minute Parking Only
  • Private Parking Only
  • Parking By Permit Only
  • No Parking Wed 6A-6P
  • Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owner’s Expense

Additionally, a red circle with a slash through the letter P communicates clearly to drivers that parking is not allowed. Such obvious symbols are usually easier and quicker to read.

Sign Visibility

One of the most important aspects of any sign is how well it can be seen by as many eyes as possible, day or night. A parking sign must be visible from far away so drivers can make decisions in advance. So the lettering must be big enough and must not be obscured by any objects. A problem that involves any aluminum sign is that it can get faded by sunlight in a matter of years.

Parking signs, like other types of traffic signs, need to be replaced once they cease to deliver messages, either due to the natural process of deterioration, vandalism or damage from an accident. It’s best to periodically inspect all signs for maintenance scheduling.

Customized Signs

Many businesses use standard parking signs, but you may have a reason to use a custom message. Using customized signs can get people’s attention, although standardized signs have the value of already being more familiar to most people. For more information about parking signs or any other type of traffic or business signs, call Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location.

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