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How Exhibits Attract Attention in Crowded Environments

March 29, 2018

You see exhibits everywhere you go from outdoor parks to indoor trade shows. The purpose of a commercial, government or community exhibit, whether it’s meant to be informative or persuasive, is to captivate people and inspire interaction. Here are points to think about if you want to invest in exhibits for your business.

Types of Exhibits

  • table top displays
  • pipe and drape
  • panel systems
  • truss systems for hanging displays
  • portable pop-up shops
  • tension fabric exhibits supported by aluminum poles
  • tents and canopies
  • custom cutouts and standees
  • banner stands

In-Store Displays

Studies show that in-store displays often have a greater impact on sales than pricing. Of the roughly one third of shoppers who buy items on impulse, about a quarter are influenced by secondary displays, while nearly a fifth make purchasing decisions based on in-store demonstrations. A slightly smaller group is more likely to buy on impulse based on pricing, except during a recession when price concerns are given a higher priority.

Attractive visuals that convey values or facts that resonate with consumers form the primary foundation of exhibits. Regardless of the intent behind the exhibit, it must stand out from its surroundings to be effective. Variables for making exhibits stand out include materials, colors, size, and shapes.

Trade Show Exhibits

Businesses can gain valuable exposure at trade shows because they connect buyers and sellers as well as attract media attention. If your large banner can be seen from a distance in a setting with a large crowd, you have the opportunity to build brand awareness and attract attendees to your booth. Usually, the bigger the sign, the more impact, as long as it communicates directly to a target audience. If done well, a trade show exhibit can be cost-effective and have a long-lasting memorable effect, especially if it gets the attention of a journalist.

Trade shows only become high risk at draining your marketing budget if you do not treat them as important big events. If you send out low-paid workers with little incentive to promote your brand, then it can be a big loss. But if the goal is to send out enthusiastic personnel to answer product questions or conduct product demonstrations, then well-designed exhibits are worth investing in to build new relationships. Trade show displays don’t have to look expensive, they just need to look eye-catching.

Portable Exhibitions

One of the most economical ways to capitalize on exhibitions is the use of portable displays, such as pop-ups and panels. Both models fold up and are easy to transport, as well as set up and tear down. They can be used over and over in different settings, making them very practical if you plan on a series of public events such as street fairs and festivals. Pop-ups and panels usually provide a solid back wall to a booth, although panels are more versatile and can potentially save more space.

Adding colorful lighting to a pop-up or panel can be an elegant option, especially indoors. Large graphic murals can be integrated with these displays to maximize impact. In a more permanent setting you may choose a hybrid display that combines elements of stationary and mobile functions. Ultimately, it’s best to customize your exhibit so that it’s consistent with your brand and fits in with the event while standing out.

Exhibitions are used by a wide spectrum of entities from retail stores to state parks to non-profit museums and beyond. For more information about displays that promote your business, call Zumar at our Arizona, California, or Washington location for a Free Quote.

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