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How Entrance Signs Help Manage Parking Lots

July 19, 2019

One of the best ways to make a parking lot safer and more orderly is by placing an entrance sign where traffic enters. The appearance of an entrance sign helps move traffic in a specific direction and it can discourage drivers from exiting in the wrong direction. Here are key reasons for entrance signs and how they help keep parking lot traffic under control.

Letting Drivers Know Traffic Direction

Arrows are effective symbols for directing traffic, especially when used with entrance signs. A parking lot without any signs or pavement markings can be chaotic on a busy day. The entrance sign helps funnel traffic so that direction is clarified. These signs are particularly useful at parking garages that use winding tunnels. The chances of collisions are dramatically reduced when traffic direction is confirmed with a sign.

Drivers should know when they have entered a certain zone, such as a radar zone in which speeds are monitored and displayed to other drivers. They should also be told when they enter construction work areas so that they slow down and watch for workers.

Where to Place Entrance Signs

Keeping the entrance sign consistent with the street address helps make the establishment easier to find for visitors. Certain businesses that facilitate drive-thru traffic such as banks should also use arrows attached to entrance signs to ensure traffic flows in the proper direction to the automated machine.

Signs should also be placed where narrow one-way allies intersect with streets. Any parking lot where there is a steady flow of one-way traffic can use an entrance sign to help guide drivers. Another place to put signs where new traffic enters is a small enclosed community. Letting visitors know the name of the community helps them in case they happen to be lost.

Airports tend to use one-way traffic for dropping passengers off at terminals. These lanes lead toward long-term parking and exits. Placing a series of signs at such airports is helpful in maintaining orderly traffic leading up to parking areas. Signs also help reduce stress for individuals who are not familiar with the layout of the airport.

Years of seeing freeway entrance and exit signs has conditioned drivers to avoid exits and look specifically for entrance signs when entering the freeway. Drivers are also conditioned to expect entrances and exits to be near each other in case they accidentally take a wrong exit.


Entrance signs clarify traffic direction and can save lives, as exiting traffic follows signage pointing in the opposite direction. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location to learn more about how signs affect driving behavior.

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