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How Effective Is a Do Not Enter Sign?

March 11, 2019

The Do Not Enter sign is one of the most universally recognized road signs from a distance. Drivers instantly know that such signs are placed for serious safety reasons. The most basic version of the sign has a red background with bold white letters, but the words “Do Not Enter” are often combined with other messages.

Reasons for Do Not Enter Signs

  • Restricted Area
  • Confined Space
  • Permit Required
  • Hazardous Area
  • Security Notice
  • No Trespassing
  • No Left or Right Turn
  • Road Closed
  • Wrong Way

Many other situations call for Do Not Enter signs, such as when there’s no exit or on a private road that forbids vehicles beyond a certain point. These signs can be used to control traffic in quiet areas when placed strategically. Signs can be customized to fit specific themes for certain areas.

Significance of Sign Placement

Road signs are usually placed on the right side of the road where they can be visible to both motorists and pedestrians. But many times Do Not Enter signs are placed in the center to identify a one-way street. In some cases Do Not Enter signs themselves serve as barriers that prevent drivers from entering a street.

One of the factors that public officials must consider for road signs to be effective is to not post too many signs, which can be confusing to the public. Too many signs can lead to people paying less attention to them. So Do Not Enter signs should not be overused. As the words suggest, they communicate immediate danger, which is why it’s an effective message.

Unlike signs that warn drivers of danger several feet ahead, a Do Not Enter sign works best at the exact site to avoid. In the case of a dead-end road, the driver should be given warning signs in advance.

Navigating Traffic Flow

Affecting traffic with appropriate signs is a proven way to reduce accidents, particularly when it relates to speed. New York City, for example, in recent years has lowered its speed limits and expanded bike lanes, which are actions that have paralleled a drop in traffic fatalities. Signs remind people about laws and the penalties involved with breaking them.

The Do Not Enter sign can serve as a boundary for preventing drivers from entering a private area or a place where there isn’t room for parking. Its commanding message makes it clear that danger cannot be ignored. The sign can be used as a reminder where only one-way traffic is permitted, such as at a security gate. Keep in mind that the Do Not Enter sign can be presented in a wide range of formats.

One of the most important reasons to use specific signage that directs traffic flow is to account for visitors who are unfamiliar with the area and rely on signs. Simple clear messages that are easy to read day or night are the key to sign effectiveness. For more information about the Do Not Enter sign, contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location.

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