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How Custom Business Signs Help Your Message Stand Out

March 16, 2018

Every day the average consumer is exposed to thousands of marketing messages. Because, it’s impossible for any given individual to respond to all of these brands telling them what to buy it’s important to to use custom business signs if you want to be noticed among the barrage of messages.

Unique Design

One way to stand out from the rest is to study the signs surrounding your business in your community, as well as your industry, and think of ways to be different from the norm. The design of your interior business sign involves size, shape, color, brightness, font type, images and material. A helpful tip is to make a chart that lists business signs and design descriptions in your geographic area and industry. If many of the signs are square or rectangular, consider circular or diamond shapes. When customers walk into your establishment, they may immediately sense and connect with your values of uniqueness.

How Colors Communicate

Colors go a long way in influencing people’s attention. Every basic color is associated with different visions, emotions, and values, although this effect varies among individuals based on personal experiences. Blue, for example, generally conveys trust while red generally has a more aggressive or energetic image. The concept of color psychology is commonly used in marketing, but should be taken more as a guide than an exact science. Although research has been limited, here are some of the various associations people make with colors:

  • rainbow = happiness
  • red = power, danger, love
  • yellow = cheer, intellect, brightness
  • blue = sky, water, softness
  • green = nature, growth, freshness
  • orange = creativity, joy, sunshine
  • black = strength, elegance, mystery
  • white = light, cleanliness, purity

Keep in mind that many of these associations are formed at a very young age. The brightness level can affect these perceptions, as bright yellow is more attention-getting, which is why many taxi cabs have adopted the color. Neon effects can be perceived as both classic or youthful and paint comfortable illusions.

Captivating Message

Your message should avoid generic catch phrases that are found in multiple industries. It should convey your business identity and what makes your offerings different from others in a quick flash. An effective sign can be basic or artistic yet captivating while providing clarity as to what your business offers to consumers.

Marketers commonly use emotional appeal and exclusivity as key strategies in messages to connect with target consumers. More utility-based or discount businesses often lean toward more pragmatic messages. Regardless of your type of enterprise, a common thread is that messages on custom business signs need to be concise and make every word count.

Does Artistic Design Sell?

Everyone loves some kind of art, but we often hear the claim from business leaders that “art doesn’t sell.” It actually depends on who you ask. A recent FedEx Office poll of over 500 small businesses revealed that 64% of millennial small business owners consider creative graphics to be important. Yet older baby boomers are more likely to emphasize simplicity.

The short answer is: yes, art sells, or every business would use the same type of universal font type in logos and marketing materials. So when you are planning out your custom business signs for interior displays, think more about your own market research on the values of your target customers. Essentially elegant designs work for high-end companies, while playful signs work for entertainment-based environments, depending on the values of your patrons.

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