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How Camping Signs Create a Richer Outdoor Experience for All

November 7, 2019

Every campground needs plenty of signage to guide visitors so they don’t get lost. Some sites are vast and accommodate hundreds of RVs and tent sites. It’s important for visitors to find their way around a park once they wander from their vehicles. Getting lost in the wilderness has various risks that should be avoided by paying attention to signs. Here’s a deeper look at why many camping signs are necessary for large campsites.

Types of Camping Sign Messages

  • Camping Rules
  • Explore Nature
  • Happy Campers
  • Welcome To Our Campsite
  • Be Bear Safe
  • Hiking and Bike Trails
  • Enjoy Your Journey
  • Keep Our Campground Clean
  • Paradise in the Woods
  • Campfire Rules

Campsites are ideal for customizing a wide range of unique messages. People will appreciate a kiosk that provides general information about campground rules, safety concerns and where restrooms are located. A giant map of the area is always a big help for first time visitors. Directional signs with arrows pointing to specific locations also make a visit easier for newcomers.

Back to Nature Themes

Any outdoor place where people visit has the potential to promote nature themes. Not only is there a growing interest in backing off fossil fuels, but more and more people–especially outdoor lovers–care about environmental protection. Appreciation of nature is a key reason why people visit campgrounds. They usually either want to enjoy the great outdoors or relax while escaping the stress of big city life.

Some parks display informative camping signs about wildlife, such as Deer Viewing Area signs, or signs indicating excellent viewpoints. These signs come in a wide range of shapes and styles. If dangerous wild animals roam near or in the campground it’s crucial to post warning signs with messages such as “Danger: Wildlife Crossing” or reminders to dispose of trash appropriately in order to avoid attracting wildlife.

Tree lovers come to wilderness areas to enjoy the shade and beauty of the woods. These nature enthusiasts appreciate signs that provide information about specific trees and hiking trails. Bicyclists and hikers who enjoy the great outdoors want to know where the bike trails are and where they lead. These trails provide access to amazing scenery such as winding rivers and streams in a forest.

How Signs Clarify Perceptions

If you were to show up at a campsite with no signs other than a welcome sign, it would create many assumptions and perceptions in your mind. You might assume that since there’s no sign to prohibit campfires, that means there’s no rule against it. The same thing may be true of littering. A sign, though, clarifies rules and plants images in people’s minds about how to conduct themselves during their visit.

Some people come to RV parks and campsites to get away from rules, thinking it’s their ticket to freedom. These people need signs to remind them they have to operate within the property owner’s parameters, for the good and safety of everyone enjoying the outdoors.


Visitors to campgrounds need a variety of camping signs to help them enjoy their adventure. Appropriate signage will reduce the chances of people getting lost or wandering into danger. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location to learn more about sign customization and what works best for your situation.

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