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How Camping Signs Connect with a Community

January 9, 2019

Camping is the part of the American dream that tests the limits of freedom and the essentials of survival. You cannot just park an RV, for example, anywhere you want and camp out. The purpose of campgrounds is to contain camping in a region to certain wilderness areas that incorporate modern infrastructure. Here are ways in which camping signs help campers identify with their surroundings.

Types of Camping Signs

  • Welcome to the Campground
  • Campground Rules
  • Hiking Trail
  • Camping Zone
  • Camping By Permit Only
  • Picnic Area
  • No Overnight Camping
  • Warning: Watch Out For Bears

Signs that only contain images depicting camping, such an RV or campfire, are easily understood by campers, as well as arrows pointing toward camp sites. Additionally, signs using a “cross off” or “X mark” over an image are commonly understood as regulatory signs warning against certain activities, such as smoking or drinking alcohol. Camping signs help educate campers on park hours, regulations, services, and where to get further information.

Reasons for Customized Camping Signs

The wilderness and natural parks attract campers from all over the world either as tourists or travelers. These scenic areas can lead to people getting lost without the proper direction. Author David Paulides has written a series of books called Missing 411 that document cases of campers who mysteriously disappeared at a national park or forest. He says that campers who come up missing aren’t necessarily individuals who were inexperienced or unprepared.

It’s easy for a hiker to get lost in a forest, since all they see around them are trees that look the same. But if they see signs periodically that give them some indication where they are, they will at least be able to identify specific landmarks. Using alphanumeric signs as campground markers can be an effective way of reminding campers where they are at all times. In areas where no signs exist, there is a sense that visitors are on their own, which can create panic when someone wanders too far from civilization.

If your goal is to make a large campground more familiar to campers, consider the fact that signs provide familiarity, which helps reduce stress. A sign should at least let someone know they are connected with a community that is aware of the property. If dangerous wild animals inhabit the area, it’s helpful to post multiple warning signs with images of the specific animals.

One of the main reasons for posting camping signs is to ensure safety within a community of campers. The campground may need parking signs as well as no parking signs to direct traffic to desired locations. Campgrounds that charge fees and need to enforce no parking zones can benefit from using multiple signs with the same design. A private campground might want to promote various brands through signage.


Every campground is unique and requires its own signage that communicates with campers to create a sense of familiarity. Contact Zumar to learn more about customized camping signs at our Arizona, California, and Washington locations.

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