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How Barricades Protect Society

February 13, 2018

Barricades come in various forms to protect drivers and pedestrians. They are seen on roadsides and at various establishments where crowds or traffic need to be controlled or separated. Some of these posts have signs while others communicate caution with images or designs. Here are reasons to consider using barricades for your business.

Types of Barricades

  • traffic barriers
  • electronic arrows
  • barricade lights
  • cones
  • delineators
  • A-frame
  • safety signs and decals

Control Traffic

One of the most useful purposes of a barricade is to place a physical barrier to keep cars from entering a street or area. If a street needs to be blocked for a public event like a parade or to complete road work.a barricade is cost efficient and sends a clear message for vehicles not to enter. It may even say “Do Not Enter” or “Wrong Way” on the barricade.

Drivers instantly recognize orange cones or delineators as barriers that call for safety awareness. An A-frame barricade is also recognizable for its diagonal orange lines on a white beam balanced by two A-shaped legs. In some cases the stands fold up like step ladders. Several different types of barricades are made of plastic, making them lightweight and easy to move as a convenient alternative to steel or concrete. These fixtures are useful for guiding traffic at the following places:

  • hotels and apartment complexes
  • gas stations
  • schools and hospitals
  • large shopping malls
  • parking garages and valet parking lots
  • construction work zones

Create Safe Conditions

The most important reason for using barriers is to ensure a safe environment to reduce or eliminate accidents and injuries. While concrete barriers are widely used, they can also contribute to injury or death, which is why plastic is considered a safer alternative. Concrete barriers are useful for curbs in parking lots. Some places need more protection than others. For example, a construction zone may include parked heavy duty equipment, which can be protected with concrete barriers that weigh about 750 pounds each.

Visibility and stability are two crucial factors when deciding what type of barriers to use. Orange and yellow are used for barricades because the bright colors and reflective material stand out, making them easy to see day or night. Various types of sturdy bases are used to erect the barriers. A typical strong solution is a rubber base that weighs about 3 pounds. Steel barricades that resemble fences are used at large sports and concert venues to direct pedestrians and keep them separated from traffic.

Different Shapes and Sizes

There’s no limit to the wide variety of shapes and sizes for barriers. Large round concrete planters with diameters of four feet, for example, can be used as durable solutions to block vehicles from entering on pedestrian walkways. Heavy large concrete barriers can be moved by forklifts at construction sites. Some barricades can be filled with water or sand to add stability.

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