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Hospital Signs: Informing Visitors to Calm Fears of the Hospital Experience

August 17, 2017

For the average person, hospitals are often intimidating. They seem like small self-contained cities with what seems like thousands of twists and turns, all full of fast moving people doing extraordinary work. The hospital building/ or complex are where people face some of the most stressful times of life. For many, this is where life begins and ends. Every major medical interaction between the beginning and ending is likely to take place in a hospital.

Hospitals are navigated through by visitors during confusing and scary times. As the person responsible for this type of facility you want to ease visitor’s confusion and stress. One critical element is in creating an environment and atmosphere that communicates with people who need to make use of your facilities. The best way to communicate is through the use of signs.

Helping People Find Their Way

Accurate, and easy to use, signage is critical in situations where people are trying to find their way around a medical facility that is new to them. Signs guide people and keep them moving toward their desired destination. The words Emergency Room and an easily seen arrow pointing the direction is like a guiding light to a frightened patient.

Signage is everywhere in a hospital; on the walls, hanging from the ceiling, or in the lobby. Signs tell visitors where to go to find the right person to talk with, how to locate patients, how to use a phone to get through a door, or that X service is available on Y floor behind door 3.

As the person responsible for adequate signage you want signs placed in prominent locations. They must have creative designs that quickly share their message and help people find their way. Signs are a critical component of making navigation easier, safer, and user-friendly, not just in the health care experience, but in all industries.

One of the sign innovations used in many industries is also beginning to get some attention in medical facilities. Digital signs placed in the primary locations of a hospital are programmed to interact with visitors and help them navigate their way but also through the process unique to their situation.

People at the kiosk may be a patient, visitor, employee, or delivery person. There are many other reasons why a person would need help navigating through a hospital, and digital signs would connect them with any part of the organization.

State and Federal Requirements

Although differences exist from one local to another most states, require that facilities post signs confirming licensing and compliance with state laws aimed at safety. For example, The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has an extensive list of federal regulations they are required to post as proof of compliance. These include adequately sized bathrooms and hallways, clearly marked entrances and exits, and easy to follow directions.

To explore the options that fit your needs, contact Zumar Industries. For over seven decades Zumar has been helping people find a signage solution. They can offer an exciting variety of signs and accessories or can create custom designs. Visit our website send an email, or call at one of our three locations.

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