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Helping Road Workers with a Work Zone Sign

April 17, 2018

When working in construction areas near roads, workers need to keep themselves safe from throughway traffic. There are multiple signs to choose from in order to communicate to drivers to slow down when there’s roadwork ahead. Here are various scenarios in which you may need to post a work zone sign.

Signs That Warn Drivers of Work Zones

The most common road sign color associated with construction is orange. An orange diamond-shaped sign with the words “road work ahead” is one of the most common signs to place in a work zone. The sign alerts drivers to be prepared for possible issues ahead that will affect speed and safety. Another helpful sign is one with the image of a person holding a safety flag, which indicates driving instructions ahead.

Detour signs can help keep traffic away from work zones. Another strategy is to close off the lane closest to the work area and post signs indicating that there is a lane closure ahead. Drivers are further helped by orange signs of any shape that indicate the end of the road work area.

Ensuring Maximum Safety

The most important reason to take work zones seriously is because over 4,000 people have died in these barricaded areas within a 5 year period, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Drivers are most likely to be killed in a work zone crash. The most common type of crash in this zone is when a vehicle rear ends another that has slowed down or stopped. Most of the fatal crashes occurred on roads with speed limits over 50 mph.

Since the stopping distance for a vehicle moving at 50 mph on dry roadway is about 300 feet, it’s helpful to post a work zone sign two or three times in that range so the driver is alert to slow down and proceed with caution. The stopping distance is even further in wet and icy road conditions.

Helping Improve Road Worker Productivity

The more you remind drivers of safety issues, the more likely traffic will flow slowly without injuries. Protecting road workers as much as possible helps avoid construction project delays that come with accidents. By posting signs that make drivers more aware to expect the unexpected, work zone accidents can be significantly reduced.

Contact Zumar for a free quote and to assess your needs for directing traffic to steer clear of road work ahead. A work zone sign can be very effective at alerting drivers to be more patient and care for the safety of others.

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