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Helping Campers with Camping Signs

July 11, 2019

Camping sites can range from parking lots to vast forests. The bigger the park, the more signs are typically needed to help campers find their way around. It’s crucial to at least post a sign that lets visitors know the rules of the property. Here are important considerations when planning to purchase and install camping signs.

Welcome Signs

Every large park should have a welcome sign that confirms the entrance and name of the property. Welcome signs serve as definitive landmarks that make it easy for meeting others. It’s useful for identifying a pickup or dropoff point or a reference for describing a specific location. The welcome sign should be visible enough for drivers and pedestrians to see from a distance.

Since the welcome sign is an obvious reference point, it should be placed near other helpful signs that give directions. Signs with arrows are effective for directing traffic in the appropriate direction at a campground. Other types of camping signs needed at a campground are those that point to the entrance from the main highway.

Regulating Camper Behavior

Most travelers who go on camping trips know that every campground or rest area on the highway has its own set of rules. It helps to not only post a list of rules at the park’s entrance, but also to post signs with individual rules. One of the main rules campers want to know about a campground besides where to park is where they are allowed to cook food.

Parks that do not allow campfires need warning signs that tell visitors fires are prohibited, otherwise campers might assume campfires are permitted. Some parks also prohibit tents, but if there are no signs to enforce the rule, campers may assume setting up tents is permitted.

Rules involving pets are common at campgrounds, as dogs are usually expected to be kept on leashes. Signs regarding whether pets are allowed can be determining factors for travelers choosing a campground. If the park doesn’t allow alcohol, there should be signage that warns people, which can help prevent parties that create debris left behind.

Personalized Camping Signs

Not all camping signs are for regulating behavior or giving directions. Many campers who own enough property for visiting RVs have signs made to identify their areas for parking. RV travelers have parking options beyond the listings in local directories. Once alternative sites are found online, travelers are further helped by physical signs to find these private or lesser known residences.

Campgrounds can use a wide range of signs to help campers and hikers find their way around. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, California and Washington location to learn more about how signs help direct and control traffic.

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