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Graffiti-Proof Recreational Signs Designed To Order

August 10, 2017

You Need Signs

A recreational area like a water park or a fitness center will definitely need signage. Notices are required for advertisement, direction, and advisement. Sometimes certain activity isn’t appropriate in a given area; sometimes it is. Without information that gives people some clue, they’ll likely not know. Especially in a diverse culture with individuals who come from multiple backgrounds, clear signs are integral to any recreational area. Common recreation areas include:

  • Roadways Through National Parks
  • HOA Recreational Areas
  • Safety Advisories
  • Signs Delineating National Park Boundaries
  • Amusement Parks

In national parks, you’re going to have a great number of tourists who look for somewhere by the side of the road to pull over and camp. Certain areas prohibit camping. Proper signage is necessary to denote as much.

Home Owners Association communities often have pools, workout facilities, tennis courts, and other recreational areas which require notation. There will also need to be safety advisories pertaining to appropriate behavior around pools, the age of allowed users, supervision, and hours of operation.


The size of a sign must match its purpose. For example, you can’t have a two foot sign with letters an inch tall for most motorists. Few will be able to see it. You also don’t want something nearly the size of a billboard advising swimmers at a water park. This means whoever you order signs from must have a broad variety of options which can be sized to fit your needs.

Reflective Properties

Signs used on roadways require a certain level of reflective property in order to be visible at night. This allows the headlights of a vehicle to illuminate them and can advise motorists of hazards, attractions, and legal restrictions pertaining to a given area.


The makeup of the sign is also important. Whatever material makes up a sign must be cost-effective and sturdy. Many times the best sign manufacturers use aluminum of a gauge between .040 and .125. Depending on the size of the sign and the weather conditions of the area, you’ll want to go larger or smaller. High winds can sometimes jerk a sign out of the ground and send it to the land of Oz, so how it is mounted also represents a key factor pertaining to installation.


A final considerable factor is graffiti. You’re going to have a variety of miscreants who have an inclination to obscure or re-purpose the signs you’ve made. Such adolescent antics can be bad for business, offensive, and dangerous. In order to overcome this, you want a recreational sign provider who can gloss a given sign with a graffiti overlay that allows underhanded vandalism to be wiped away with a mild solvent. The graffiti mavens think they’ve had their fun and you simply spray down the sign, give it a wipe, and it’s like they’ve done nothing. You win all around in that scenario.

A Multi-State Solution

Zumar signs are made to order, designed with the size, strength, coloring, reflective properties, and graffiti-proofing you need. For more information contact us or swing by any of our Arizona, California, or Washington locations.

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