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Getting the Most Out of Custom Metal Signs

May 3, 2018

Metal signs with a shiny finish are more reflective, durable, and less likely to degrade from weather than wood or plastic. Custom signs add even more benefits since they can be designed to match your business theme. Here are points to consider when working with an experienced quality sign maker for a customized project.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Signs

While outdoor signs require you to pay attention to challenges such as weather and visibility, indoor signs give you a wider range of possibilities. A major advantage to indoor signs is that they are protected from sunlight, which causes fading over time.

The sign should be posted where it is not obscured by trees or other objects and in an area where it’s not an easy target for vandals. The more turbulent the environmental elements, the more it will speed up the sign’s lifespan.

Advantages of Metal

Different types of metal can be used for signage with aluminum being one of the most common. Even thin aluminum is pretty strong despite its light weight compared to most alternatives. The thicker and more heavy duty the material, the stronger it will be and the longer it will likely last. Thickness usually ranges from .040 to .125 gauge. Affordability is another reason businesses gravitate toward aluminum, which is among the most cost-efficient solutions.

Aluminum is also easy to cut and customize into any shape. Another explanation why it’s so popular is because it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage due to its resistance to rust and corrosion.

Design Planning

Before contacting your sign designer you should have some idea of what you want your sign to look like, unless you need assistance with creative ideas or exploring existing templates. The designer can generate samples from software to help provide options. Important variables you need to consider include size, shape, color, wording and imagery.

These decisions will likely revolve around the type of business you run and where you intend to have the sign installed. When the sign is ready it’s produced using a full-color digital or screen-printing process.

Ideals for Custom Metal Signs

The beauty of a custom sign is that you can design it to be the only one of its kind in the world (unless you intend to duplicate it). The more unique the sign, the more it will stand out from the hundreds of other signs people see on any given day.

If you need help with ideas, consider brainstorming with your employees or even customers. Keeping your message simple is essential, but it can still be creative. If you’re making a street sign, then it must conform with government requirements. If it’s a safety sign it should follow OSHA or ANSI specifications. Otherwise you can make it as unique as you like. A sign that promotes your business can be as basic as just your logo or it can include a slogan or call-to-action statement, along with an eye-catching image.

Sign Accessories

Choosing custom metal signs usually means you’ll also need to decide how the signage will be installed. Options include post and pole mounting, surface mount guide posts, perforated square steel sign posts and several other types. Contact us at Zumar so that we can answer any questions you have about installing custom metal signs on your property and give you a Free Quote .

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