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Getting Creative with Promotional Signs

March 13, 2019

If your business is afraid to get creative with promotional signs, perhaps it’s time to inject more adventure and imagination into your marketing. The best way to promote anything is by word of mouth. The next best way is with a sign that says the same message that a person might, but in a more concise, direct way. Here are reasons to allow creative energy to flow when planning a promotional sign.

How Promotional Signs Help Businesses

Several studies point to signs influencing individuals to visit an establishment. A recent FedEx Office survey among consumers found that 76 percent of respondents claimed they had visited a store based completely on the basis of signage. About 68 percent have purchased a product based on a sign. The survey also found that with an overwhelming majority of consumers, signage is a reflection of the establishment’s quality.

Lacking a sign turns out to be a big negative, as up to 60 percent of consumers say that a store without a sign deters them from entering. They expect at least a few signs for a small business storefront.

Clearly, a sign helps define the identity of a physical business. The main differences between a promotional sign and a regular business sign are just a matter of flair and detail. While regular business signs serve an informative purpose, promotional business signs are more persuasive and convey more emotion.

Letting Imagination Flow

The primary key to a sign’s effectiveness is to stand out in a way that demands more attention than surrounding signage. It’s impossible to reach every target customer with this method, just as one cannot expect to influence every sign viewer. But the way visual promotion works is a certain low percentage of a mass audience exposed to promotional messages will respond.

In order to stand out you need a promotion that seems new and unique from everything else going on. Brainstorming with team members is a good way to get a high quantity of ideas on paper. From there you can narrow down promotional messages or combine phrases. The idea that you should only stick with proven promotional techniques of the past simply doesn’t compute in an era that thrives on innovation.

Considering Color and Design

While certain signs can be used for multiple purposes in different places, some signs may need to be customized for specific sales and events. One of the main factors to consider in any type of sign making is color. What’s interesting about colors is they take on different meanings with changing trends, so sometimes it makes sense to rethink logo colors. Size and readability should be bigger concerns.

Reaching into the vast world of imagination where new ideas come from should be thought of as an exciting rather than cautious activity. As long as you keep the message short, it makes sense, and you use appropriate visuals, promotional sign making can be very helpful to an organization.

Are you planning a promotional sign for your bsuiness? Here at Zumar, we create customized signs with the same care and quality of all of our products. Contact us to learn how we can help.

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