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Essential Camping Signs For Campgrounds

October 10, 2017

People of all ages love to go camping. It’s a great way to get away from everyday life, relax, and have fun or just spend some quality time with your family. When camping outdoors, you have fun activities, but you also have dangers to be aware of. This is why it’s so important to have proper camping signs for campgrounds. These signs will guide your visitors to different locations, activities and features of the campground, as well as keep them away from unsafe areas.

It doesn’t matter if the campground is publicly owned, privately run, or part of a municipal, state, or national park, proper signage can ensure that everyone is safe and aware of where everything is in and around the campground. Here are a few vital campground categories of signs you need for your camping site.

Directional Signs

These usually have arrows on them or the arrows can be purchased separately. These are placed in areas where you want to highlight different activities that are available in the area:

Swimming – Useful when you have a lake or other swimming area

Hiking – If there is a specific hiking trail for visitors

Bicycle Trail camping signs – For designated bicycle trails

Fishing – Indicates that fishing is allowed in the local pond or lake. Customized signs may include the type of fish.

Marina – Indicates the location of the marina or a dock

Facilities Signs

These types of camping signs specifically deal with facilities such as:

Lodging – Indicates local lodging for guests.

Restrooms – Indicates restroom facilities. May also indicate a water fountain in the area.

Tents – If tents are rented out or if there is a specific are designated for camping.

Camping trailers – Designates an area set aside for camping trailers or indicates they are allowed on the grounds.

Prohibited Signs

When people visit a campsite, they look for camping signs around the area. Some commonly used prohibitive signs include:

No fireworks – Fireworks are a major reason behind wildfires. If there are dense trees, dry land, or noise issues, this is a necessary sign.

Do not feed the wildlife – At one point or another someone will feed the wildlife in the area. As this is a danger to the wildlife and visitors, these signs are placed around areas where wildlife tends to congregate and reminds visitors to not feed the animals

No camping beyond this point – Due to possible danger or not wanting a natural area to be bothered, a camp ground will limit camping to specific areas. This sign indicates the specific areas that should not be trespassed on.

No fires or campfires – No fires or campfires in general are allowed in these areas

No shooting – If there is a shooting location OR shooting is not allowed on the campground property

Alert Signs

There are also types of alert signs which are designed so visitors will stay more vigilant of the environment or animals in those locations:

Be Alert For: Raccoons, Bears, Snakes, etc.

Caution: Venomous snakes, wildcats, falling rock, unsafe paths or trails

While the signs vary from custom to official, each sign is used for different reasons. Custom camping signs deal more with land or the camping site itself. They can be educational, point people in the right direction, and even be humorous. But, official signs like the MUTCD signs are for the roadways outside of the campgrounds. These allow people to know where the campground is, how far away it is, or specifically where to turn when the campground comes into view.

If you need more information on camping signs, call Zumar at our Arizona, California, or Washington location.

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