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Enhance Safety With “Children at Play” Signs

April 4, 2017

With longer daytime hours and warmer weather reaching all parts of the country, more children and families are able to enjoy the outdoors and can be found playing throughout neighborhoods. Naturally, the laughter of children brings a sense of joy to the hearts of all of us and ensuring their safety is important to parents and non parents alike. Children at Play street signs are important tools that can be used to alert drivers that they’ll be sharing the roadway with youngsters who may be tossing a ball, riding a skateboard or bike, or just enjoying the outdoors.

Consistent Messages – Clearly Conveyed

Most of us accept the fact that roadways are not only for vehicles and appreciate advance warning that extra caution is needed ahead. With the help of street signs, straightforward messages can be clearly conveyed to all drivers in a manner that is easy to understand. Since street signs utilize bright colors and uniform images throughout the nation and are discussed in driver’s training classes in every state, they provide the best means of ensuring that each and every motorist notices their message. This is critical with Children at Play signs, particularly in locations where turns, hills, vegetation, etc. may obstruct drivers’ views.

A Space for Everyone

Proper usage of Children at Play street signs increase the chances of everyone happily sharing the roadway. When motorists are aware that children are likely to be found riding bicycles and enjoying the outdoors in an area in which they are passing through, the vast majority will reduce their speed to ensure the safety of the next generation. Parents are likely to feel safer knowing that their neighborhood contains the appropriate safety signs and may provide children with additional outdoor privileges under such conditions.

A Variety of Thicknesses and Backgrounds

Children at Play street signs manufactured by Zumar are 24″ x 18″ in size and utilize a yellow background with black images and letters. Signs are produced from aluminum in a range of thickness ranging from 0.040 to 0.125 gauge. Customers can select from six different reflective backgrounds to further enhance the visibility of these important safety signs. ASTM types I, II and III reflective sheetings are produced from glass beads and generally have a seven to ten year lifespan. Types IV, IX and XI utilize a microprismatic sheeting which gives street signs an extended lifespan and increased visibility, particularly over a wider range of angles.

School Zones, Neighborhoods, Parks and More

Anyone in charge of installing and maintaining street signs near school zones, parks, within neighborhoods, and more should consider the addition of one or more Children at Play signs to increase the safety of youngsters. HOA presidents will generally find significant support from their membership for this action and those in city council positions will generally find it straightforward to include these important tools into even the tightest of budgets. When safety signs are not in place in areas where children are commonly found, parents may wish to contact members of the city council to request appropriate action.

Signs and Accessories for All Needs

Zumar manufactures a wide variety of street signs to warn motorists of potential hazards ranging from children at play to frequent tractor crossings. Signs themselves do not serve much purpose without the necessary accessories. Posts, anchors, and more can also be purchased directly through our website, along with any required hardware. With the help of these products, you can increase the safety of the next generation by investing in highly visible and long lasting Children at Play signs to attract the attention of motorists.

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