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Elements of Effective Promotional Signs

January 23, 2019

Every sign promotes something if it can be understood correctly. Even an “exit” sign promotes a safe, sensible way to leave a building or area. Using signage to draw attention to an establishment is a valuable promotional vehicle, as the long as the right message reaches the right audience. Here are the best ways to maximize promotional signs.

Sign Elements to Avoid

In order for a sign to be effective at promoting a brand, it cannot afford to blend in with the hundreds of other messages consumers have learned to tune out. A sign that looks bland or ordinary simply isn’t going to stand out. On the other hand, busy signs with too much information and complex design can be just as off-putting. Chances are, if it looks like too much homework to absorb, the sign will not catch much attention.

Another problem that novice entrepreneurs make the first time they design customized signs is too much overkill beyond information overload. Using bright colors for an event that doesn’t convey excitement is a form of artistic overkill. If the sign doesn’t match the intended energy level of the event, it might blend in with other noise that bombards marketplace participants.

You should also avoid any kind of font that’s difficult to decipher. Stick with popular fonts that are easy-to-read from a distance. Bold black is always easier to read than thin or faded lettering.

Best Promotional Sign Practices

A promotional sign needs to be concise and to the point. Any observer should be able to get some idea what the sign is conveying. The message should be clear and easy to digest in a matter of seconds. It should be so simple that it’s easy to remember. Prior to finalizing your promotional message, make sure every word counts and get rid of the ones that don’t. A sign message should read like the title of a movie, book, or headline.

The most persuasive signs include a call to action (CTA), but economy of space is a factor that can limit the message. A well developed brand with a history of loyal patrons already has built-in viability, as the logo simply reinforces the brand familiarity. A new establishment trying to develop brand awareness might be more in need of a CTA.

The key for any given sign lies in its intent – whether it’s meant to just be informative or create a desired response. Keeping the goal simple, such as advertising a bargain that can’t be found elsewhere, helps give the sign more authority. At the same time, don’t be afraid to experiment with creativity. Sometimes just a simple image that conveys a certain emotion is all it takes to add spark to a simple promotional message.


Business owners cannot afford to overlook the value of promotional signs, which can attract new customers. For more information about promotional signs, contact Zumar at our Arizona, California, or Washington location.

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