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Efficiency of Solar Powered Traffic Signs

February 14, 2020

People all over the world are starting to demand greater efforts from their leaders to take steps toward going green. Even the most conservative states in the United States are responding to these demands to adopt solar energy for their infrastructures. Far beyond a political issue, solar is integrating with smart technology, provides cleaner renewable energy and cuts costs, which can save taxpayers money. Here’s a brief look at solar powered traffic signs.

Why Solar Matters

The two main reasons why solar is a booming industry – not just in California – are cost-cutting and environmental concerns. Leaner government spending and cleaner communities are things nearly everyone wants, as polls consistently and overwhelmingly show. One of the ways local governments can adopt solar is to use solar powered traffic signs.

TraffiCalm is a manufacturer of solar powered traffic signs and serves municipalities all over the United States, as well as multiple other countries. These portable electronic displays can be set up in temporary locations easily, drawing energy from the sun. They can even be used at night, using stored energy from batteries. The signs can be deployed for a variety of reasons such as calming traffic flow, alerting drivers of dangerous conditions and providing directions for detours.

The portable solar devices are placed on trailers so that they can be moved around a city as needed. TraffiCalm makes several different models that include solar kits for monitoring traffic speeds and connecting with cameras. These systems are easy to use and can be controlled with a hand-held remote. The equipment includes a solar panel that integrates with radar and software to detect traffic data that can trigger LED display messages such as “slow down.” Once the equipment is paid for, the energy from the sun is essentially free.

The beauty of solar power is that it can be self-sufficient and doesn’t require external power sources or connection with the electric grid system. They provide enormous efficiency to schools for pedestrian crosswalks. Rural and mountainous roads through wilderness areas can greatly benefit from solar powered traffic signs as well.

Sunny Locations and Dark Power Outages

No one can usually predict utility power outages in specific neighborhoods, although they are more likely to occur in bad weather situations. Portable solar powered traffic signs are the ultimate solution in cases when neighborhoods go dark at night, as most traffic lights are dependent on local utilities.

Western states such as Arizona and California are ideal for solar implementation due to the incredible amount of sunshine that hits boths states most of the year. But even in less sunny states such as Washington, solar energy can still work, due to the advancing capabilities of battery storage. Furthermore, the more ways governments and businesses use solar, the less strain there will be on the traditional electric grid system.


Solar energy is useful in many ways to society, particularly for traffic control devices. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, California and Washington locations for more information on solar powered traffic signs, as well as any other type of signage for business or government.

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