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Directing Vehicles with Parking Signs

February 14, 2019

One of the most subtle factors that affects a physical establishment’s image is how it uses parking signs. Even if your location does not include a parking lot, visitors still need a place to park. Here are reasons why you should use parking signs to create a more comfortable and safe atmosphere.

Why Parking Signs Matter

Visitors can be easily frustrated when they arrive at a destination on time but can’t figure out where to park due to lack of signage. Without a parking lot or street parking, they may end up being late for a meeting, miss the opportunity to pick up important supplies, or even bypass patronizing your location altogether. They may have noticed places to park behind your building but aren’t sure if those spaces are reserved for employees.

The reason why individuals may hesitate to park in certain places is the fear of being towed, even without tow-away zone signs. This fear is amplified sometimes when a driver visits an unfamiliar city where they don’t know about local laws regarding parking. While lack of signage can lead to guesswork or misunderstanding, parking signs provide clarity.

Getting Cited or Towed

Some drivers simply take the risk of parking anywhere that appears to be convenient. But the absence of a no parking sign doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to park in a certain spot, whether it’s private or public property. Taking up an owner or property manager’s normal spot can lead to complaints that result in penalties.

Many people assume it’s fine to park wherever a no parking sign is not present, but that isn’t necessarily true in rural or tight downtown areas. Furthermore, it’s possible that a no parking sign did exist at one time but was taken down or obscured by vandals. Getting an unexpected ticket for such a scenario may create a negative impression about your organization.

Placing Parking Signs Where They Count

Parking signs make life easier for both an organization and its patrons, as well as employees. Even if there is absolutely no space available for visitors, it’s still helpful to post some kind of sign that clarifies where parking is acceptable. These signs should be strategically placed where they can be easily seen by visitors as they approach your location.

What drivers really like to see is “free parking” signs, but even “paid parking” or “valet parking” signs can reduce stress. People have become accustomed to paying parking fees in crowded downtown areas, whereas quieter areas create perceptions that it’s acceptable to park anywhere.

A homeowner’s association typically is a gated community that only allows in visitors who know a certain code. After a visitor arrives at the gate without the code, they may be turned away and not have any idea on where it’s legal or acceptable to park. Many apartment complexes are also surrounded by gates. If you direct drivers to appropriate parking places, it is less likely they will complain about parking to others.

When parking is a hassle in any way it can lead to negative reviews on local search directories like Yelp. From there the negativity can spread through word of mouth. But if parking is simple and painless, it might lead to positive reviews that help attract more business.

For Better Parking Signs, Call Us

There are several reasons to post parking signs near your location, especially if your organization depends on visitors. Helpful signage is one of the keys that makes an organization more trusted and authoritative as a first impression. Contact us at Zumar to learn more about parking signs at our Arizona, California or Washington location.

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