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Difference Between BAND-IT and Bandit Signs

June 28, 2019

Bandit signs are those placed in public places temporarily, usually without permission. Consequently, the signs are often taken down quickly. This type of signage should not be confused with the company called Band-IT, which serves multiple industrial purposes. Here are other key differences in case you hear the term in a conversation.

Band-IT Fasteners

Band-IT is a company that makes fasteners for industrial applications. The company started as a small shop with a dirt floor in 1937 when it began manufacturing stainless steel band and buckles as a supplier for a rubber company. It eventually grew into a bigger company that makes band clamps for multiple industries including aerospace, oil drilling and automotive for air bags.

The manufacturer has created thousands of products used for fastening items by glue, nails, welding and clamps. It serves the construction, manufacturing, mining, food & beverage processing and telecommunications industries. Band-IT products are used in factories, plants, refineries and construction areas.

Reasons for Bandit Signs

Bandit signs are a completely different topic and refer to a form of guerilla marketing. Small signs such as those that say “Lost Dog” can be found on telephone polls and supermarket bulletin boards. These signs, sometimes containing arrows, can be effective at gaining attention in a short period, despite being taken down within a few days. Sometimes these signs are used to promote businesses by simply giving a phone number under the type of work such as “We Buy Houses.” Bandit signs are often used in real estate or to promote an event.

The general stereotype of bandit signs is that they are cheap so that they can be duplicated in several places. Many of these typical signs have design flaws with unattractive font since they weren’t meant to last long. But strategically placed bandit signs of higher quality can be an effective way to promote something. A more well thought out sign will stand out from other signs by speaking directly to its target market. In the process the sign may look strange to the common person.

Making a niche statement then leaving a phone number is the essence of bandit signs. Bandit signs can be very effective at generating leads, particularly for fix and flip real estate investments. Although the fix and flip houses business has been booming in recent years partly due to bandit signs, local officials have started putting restrictions on these signs.

So it’s important if you post your phone number to make sure you’re posting a sign where it is legally permitted. Otherwise, law enforcement officials might call the number to find out who to fine. In some cities these fines are in the hundreds of dollars. Simply getting permission from a property owner solves the legal problems.


It’s possible to market a business with bandit signs, as long as you make sure you’re placing signs in places approved by the owner. Here at Zumar, we offer custom routing solutions to help you better promote your event or business in a way that complies with local regulations. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, Oregon or Washington location to learn more about business and routing signage that will help customers find you.

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