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Delineators Protect Workers in Construction Zones

February 11, 2016

An injured or killed worker in a construction zone carries heavy consequences. There are often laws that require drivers to slow down and follow lane changes and other specific directions when moving a vehicle through an area under construction. Delineators are key tools used to direct traffic and caution drivers in construction zones. This is why many in the construction industry have turned to Zumar Industries, a sign manufacturing company, to provide safety products.

Tools for directing traffic. A few of the items needed at a work site are:

Popular types of delineators offered by Zumar. “Navigator” tubes are compliant with both NCHRP 350 and MUTCD standards. They are four inches in diameter and available in 28, 36, 39, and 42 inch heights. Bases for these units come in 12 and 18 inches. “Lifeguard” delineators are also NCHRP 350 and MUTCD compliant. The reflective sheeting bands on these items are available in four or six inch bands. You do not need sandbags for this unit and the base does not require locking.

Increasing work zone safety. According to a publication produced by the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) called Toward Zero Deaths, work zone fatalities increased from 789 persons in 1995 to 1,074 persons in 2005. It was found that road construction workers have a fatality rate that is double what a regular construction worker faces. ATSSA discusses many programs in Toward Zero Deaths, including installing and upgrading road safety features, as well as making sure that highway construction workers are protected by barriers and barricades.

Zumar Industries offers many work zone and construction products. Take a moment to browse our website, or contact us to learn more.

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