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Custom Routing Real Estate Signs

October 14, 2019

When you stop to look at the thousands of signs that surround you every day, real estate signs stand out as among the most diverse and customized. Unlike highway signs, which must comply with government regulations, the real estate industry allows for a wide range of flexibility. One of the design factors that that can make these signs stand out is custom routing, which can either involve a manual or computerized machine.

How Custom Routing Adds Class

Routing is a practice by manufacturers and designers to give a product a more classy, sophisticated look. It often involves smoothing edges and adding lines for aesthetic reasons, but it may also including carving or engraving unique lettering. The work has been traditionally performed with a hand-held electric router, but these days many sign shops use a computer numberical control (CNC) router, which can be used to cut wood, metal, plastic, glass and other materials.

Working with an experienced sign maker is the best way to ensure quality custom routing. You can present drawings of your ideas or work with a graphic artist to do it for you. The routing designs are often prepared in a computer-aided design (CAD) software program.

The more traditional type of routing can be accomplished with stencils, which are like templates that can be used over and over. These type of custom routing real estate signs can come in handy for improving the accuracy of cuts for lettering and inlays.

The main concern you should have is how well custom routing adds attraction to the signage. Does it create an impressive enough image to make a difference? Some of the factors that will affect routing choices are material thickness, sign shape, type of accessories to be included, and climate. A sign with several curves is a much more complex design than a square or rectangle, but can be very captivating in an appropriate neighborhood.

Benefits to CNC Routers

One of the top benefits of using a CNC machine to make custom routing real estate signs is that it significantly reduces waste. A growing number of people are concerned about environmental safety and sustainability, which is leading leaders across all industries to think about conservation and efficiency. Another key benefit is lack of errors, whereas routing by hand can lead to caveats. With a CNC machine, the automation does the work based on computer programming, producing more precision results. It’s also a much faster process, so if you need several signs done at once, CNC is the way to go.

Reasons for Customized Real Estate Signs

Since there are various types of real estate, from homes to apartments, businesses and open land, certain designs can help enhance a message. Many of these signs are seen outdoors throughout all seasons with different types of landscapes and settings. In an area that’s flooded with generic signs, it’s important to not follow suit and do what it takes to look different. Routing around the edges gives a real estate sign a more subtle appearance, indicating that someone cared enough to make the sign look nice.


Real estate personnel or individuals selling homes should consider customized designs so that they stand out to fit specific marketing plans. Custom routing real estate signs project a bolder, more authoritative image than signs without added design treatments. Contact Zumar at our Arizona, California and Washington locations to learn more about customizing real estate signs.

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