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Creating a Series of Event Signs

January 21, 2019

When you’re in charge of organizing or presenting different community events, it’s helpful to use both generic and customized event signs. The generic signs might just say “special event” with a device that allows you to change the name or date. Customized signs are more complex and serve to reinforce branding and increase visibility and recognition for event-goers. Here are reasons why you might want to create multiple signs for either one big event or a series of signs for several events.

Bulk Deals

Usually the more signs you create, the better deal you get per unit. A city or large community organization that regularly puts on big events might need a bulk deal to fit a budget. One of the best ways to save on creating multiple signs is to use the same stencil over and over. Stencils are often made on wooden, plastic or metal boards or in screen printing. Organizations with a need for bulk purchases of signs may include:

  • Military training services
  • Park and recreation districts
  • Educational facilities
  • City and local governments for festivals and street fairs
  • Conventional halls for business conferences and trade shows
  • Large parking lots and garages
  • Apartment complexes and HOAs

Complex Events for Large Crowds

Large events happen because a big team of people plan and execute them. Usually the bigger the event, the more signs are needed to communicate various messages. Crowd control is a top concern, so you may benefit from big signs that create an upbeat or calm atmosphere with a warm and friendly image. Big signs communicate a big effort and expense put into the event, helping create a grandiose sensation. Many community events involve creating large banners of sponsors to be displayed to thousands of viewers.

Perhaps you have a large facility where you can hold an annual swap meet, which involves creating a series of booths. It’s helpful to organize such events in a way that similar vendors are clustered together, such as booths selling art versus others selling clothing or jewelry. Dividing the event into sections represented by signs will help attendees find their destinations more quickly.

A business conference at a large venue might involve several different seminars going on at once. Without proper signage everywhere, attendees have a chance of getting lost or confused. The same is true with a career fair covering multiple industries on a large campus. The more signs you use to clarify schedules and locations, the more patrons will enjoy the event.

Information published by the Sign Research Foundation indicates that signs offer a huge economic impact since they serve as “silent salespersons.” Specific signs can give prospects the exact information they need to schedule an appointment or make a purchase. Signs can also build brand value by providing product information. Essentially, any sign is an investment in square footage at a physical establishment designed to provide a return on investment.


While small events might only need one or two signs to welcome people, larger events usually require a series of signs to direct people to specific booths or other points of interest. For more information about event signs, or to request custom routing, contact Zumar at our Arizona, California or Washington location.

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